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Culture War or Class War?

I met a friend who works for the BBC yesterday.  She was horrified at the way Brexit would lead to  problems with the Northern Ireland border.  When I pointed out that the Belfast Agreement meant that Northern Ireland would secede from the UK within a decade or two whatever happens she became puzzled but it made no difference to her view of UK Independence: that it must be stopped.

That UK independence must be stopped is where I am slightly puzzled.  It is a class thing.  If you have enough money and can float around the Western world it all looks fairly similar.  German hotels offer similar service to Spanish hotels, the supermarkets are even from the same chains.  You send your children to the private school of your choice and you have medical insurance.  The “West” is uniform to you.  Surely it is time that it was united so that wars in the West are impossible and Corporations can go about their business without constraint?

How could these Brexiteers put everything that had been gained (by upper middle class people) at risk?

Of course, to ordinary people the view is very different.  They have little choice but to send their children to the local school.  They must use the local hospital.  Their social housing is dependent on the efficiency of their Local Authority.  Their friends are largely local and their relatives tend to live nearby or even live with them.  Their work is local and they do not wish to move for employment, even if they could afford to move, because their friends and connections are local.

The upper middle classes are networked across countries and continents whereas the ordinary people are local.  The upper middle classes believe that their class is sufficiently enlightened to do what is “best” for the local people.  And there we have the big difference.  The upper middle classes do not believe in democracy.

So nothing much has changed in politics.  The relatively wealthy are still detached from the bulk of the people and believe they know best.  It could be 400BC, 1380AD or today, the battle is still the same.

The difficulty for the wealthy is that they cannot get sufficient political support to govern.  There are three choices for mass movements in the UK: the workers, the nationalists and the holy. The workers and the nationalists are both local and hence nationalist causes.  Only holiness can provide an Internationalist platform for the wealthy.

In the 19th century it was possible to enlist the evangelical Christians to promote imperialism and Internationalism but now there are too few Christians.  In the 1970s the postmodern movement evolved a system of using racism/anti-racism to undermine nationality and the wealthy have adopted this method.  This is, of course, an exceptionally dangerous thing to do.  The last time the racist/anti-racist conflict was exploited for political purposes was the 1930s and it ended very badly.

The BBC is the bastion of the upper middle class in the UK (check out their journalists and presenters here).  Tony Hall, the last Director General of the BBC, set a budget of £100m for the BBC to focus on racial issues.  Like modern Evangelists they are attempting to destroy anything English with anti-racist moral condemnation, for example, declaring that the machine age of the industrial revolution was built on slavery and accusing clog dancers who black up as miners of using “black face.  The BBC cannot even see that its desire to brand the English as racist is comical.

The BBC and postmodernists have changed the meaning of the term “racism”  to include nationalism.  The BBC seems unaware that it is as racist to desire to abolish the Polish Nation as to say that “Polish people are taking our jobs”.  Anti-racism must draw a line at condemning benign nationalism because nationalism is the source of the races that the anti-racist imagines they are protecting.   Unfortunately the truth is that the efforts of the BBC and the upper classes to promote anti-racism were always an attack on nationalism, benign or otherwise.  They were never really anti-racist.   Unless they can destroy the idea of community cohesion they cannot rule.

The final objective of the Upper Class attack on the British is to create a world where everyone is the same (except them) and the racial differences have been bred out.  A world where nationalisms are small regional affairs, such as in Xinjiang, that can be cured by sophisticated technological surveillance and control and re-education.  Where racial difference can be stamped out once and for all.  Where those who “know best” rule.

Yes, the Corporate Elite “would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”.  And what is wrong with that? Why shouldn’t the world be uniform? If you don’t immediately know the answer you have a problem, you are more racist than any ignorant thug.

Political movements are always like this.  They all identify a class of victims, use them to gain power and then throw them away.  Cromwell championed a democratic republic and ended up with a military junta in control, Napoleon was the champion of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity and ended up in a palace as a despot, Lenin “freed” the workers and gave Central Committee members wealth and power over them, Hitler promised an eternal Reich and brought Germany to death and ruin.  It happens over and over again.  This time around it is the Corporate Elite, the CEOs of International Banks and Multinational Corporations, who want to be the junta, they have not yet found their Napoleon.  Keir Starmer is no Napoleon.

Those who want UK Independence just want to carry on with the UK being governed by the people in this land, no matter where they originally came from or the colour of their skin.  Those who want Internationalism are supporting the Elite who want to rule. There is no culture war, just the perennial power struggle.

What do we have to look forward to if the upper classes win?  A global labour market where we must compete for jobs with jurisdictions that have little or no workers rights, the end of border controls, production shifted to locations that offer inducements to corporations, the end of universal benefits, the division of nation states into shared regions** to terminate community cohesion, the use of technology to control any unrest and government by a distant plutocracy.  Much of this is already beginning, there is huge pressure from multinationals to stop controls on the foreign provision of labour and to remove borders.

The Corporate Elite control the media and this allows them to suppress large swathes of news from their financing of BLM to the vast UK-EU Trade Deficit.  We must resist.

** Although this is historical since Brexit the Arc Manche demonstrates the desire to remove national democracy.  It was never mentioned by the Corporate media. The Arc Manche was a geographical area that was invented by the EU.  It was made up of the British and French territories bordering or within the English Channel (see cover photo)

The EU instituted a heavily funded programme designed to promote the idea of common citizenship of the areas that border the Channel.  The “Interreg IVA France (Channel) England” programme was approved by the European Commission in a Decision on 19 September 2008. It benefited from a 173,5 million euros envelope from the European Regional Development Fund which enabled the co-funding of cooperation projects across the Channel between France and the United Kingdom.

This post was originally published by the author on his personal blog: https://pol-check.blogspot.com/2020/11/why-has-bbc-declared-war-on-uk.html

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