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Capitalism and the Environment

With the rise of Extinction Rebellion and other climate alarmist groups that have made militant demands in the name of protecting the environment, there has been a massive call for government action with demands to raise taxes and increase government spending. Furthermore, there has been a call to cut the …

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Electric Vehicle Resources: Prices, Charging Costs, Regulations etc.

The new electric vehicle regulations make buying a car at this time a nightmare.  The problem is compounded by cities introducing low emission and zero emission zones. The links below should be useful for anyone researching EVs (electric vehicles). The sale of new diesel and petrol cars is banned after …

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Build Back Worse: the Madness of In Crowds

Back in 2016, prior to the EU Referendum, I wrote of my admiration for Boris Johnson for being, like Churchill, willing to stand up to the group think views of his own class and back Brexit. He stood up against a ruling class that I described as: “People who went …

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