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A British Declaration of Independence

The British people, directing their representatives, in parliament assembled and endowed with such authority as the people permit them for the common good, to declare as follows.

Whereas on the 23rd day of June in the year 2016, the British people did vote peacefully and by majority on the question of the whole United Kingdoms place within the European Union, and, in such vote, did choose to sever that political band which has connected us to the European Union.

Honour and decency compels us to announce to the world, the causes guiding this choice, which is to assume those natural rights, which are the power to control our fate.

None may deny, none may abridge, the right of peoples to forge their future.

None may deny that people are born free, and remain free and equal in rights and dignity.

None may deny that the only defensible government, is that which has as its foundation, the free choice of the people and which has as its guiding aim, the safety and freedom of the people.

And none may deny that all peoples are empowered to seek self-determination, and to exercise the right to form or dissolve, enter or depart, from such pacts, compacts, unions, alliances, confederation or federations as seem fit to them.

This is natural law.

In consideration of which, when government is , by right, instituted of the people, who shall set down such conditions which rulers and governments are bound to fulfil, then the people shall only owe it obedience only upon the expectation of just and limited governance, under law.

When such administrations, which rests upon public consent, lose the affections of the people, then natural law compels them to change or be changed.

Inasmuch as it is government which is delegated by citizens the power to enter into pacts or compacts in their name, then such actions having in direct consequence the effect of limiting the sovereignty of nations and peoples, shall be likewise nullified when the consent of the people be withdrawn.

Long have the failures of this European Union been endured by the people, hoping in vain for it to embrace that change necessary for it to regain the consent of the people. Yet this European Union, its functionaries and commissioners, commissions and councils, contented themselves to steadily increase the powers of the Union in defiance of the will of millions, until now uncounted.

Yet now comes a time for a free people to choose another way.

The history of the European Union is of an accumulation of power into the hands of the unelected and unaccountable, with the aim of rendering extinct the many ancient and storied states of this continent, and of eradicating the very concept of the nation state and the sovereign people.

In rejecting this, we submit to Europe and all the world, the facts compelling our separation.

The European Union has assumed the attributes of a nation to the detriment of its members.  It has created Presidents and foreign ministers, a European citizenship and passports, a criminal justice system and the powers to conclude treaties. It has likewise assumed an anthem and a flag and has in so doing abandoned the pretense of being a mere vessel for peaceful co operation between nations.

The European Union has Imposed upon us an over mighty Court of Justice, declaring itself superior and supreme to our own.

It has stricken down laws passed by the British people and their representatives.

It has interpreted the treaties underpinning this Union beyond their original intent.

It has, through its intent to impose civil law upon a common law land, and its ruling on a multitude of matters requiring no such rulings, overseen the progressive removal from the purview of its sovereign members, such matters as might reasonably be considered national and sovereign.

In so doing this court has weakened the principle of the common law, which is for judges to rule only in the case of dispute on such matters and rights otherwise considered incipient and uncontested in a free people, by imposing law by code without just cause.

The European Union has imposed an incoherent assemblage of presidents and commissioners, and councils and commissions all of whom are unelected, yet all of whom are appointed to govern over us and legislate for us.

The European Union has obstructed free and unrestricted trade with the world beyond its borders. By surrounding its markets with a wall of tariffs, and by its refusal or inability to negotiate trade with growing and powerful markets across the seas, we have been trapped as a convict within a prison wall of protectionism, unable to conduct commerce with old friends and kin, and with new partners, except as the Union gives us leave.

We have watched the world grow whilst ourselves shackled to a stagnant market, in a manner at odds with the natural free trading inclination of this nation.

The European Union has seized from us the right to manage our seas and our land, subjecting farmers and fishermen to rules intrusive to their affairs and wasteful of our taxation. It has directed our monies to support  farmers in other places, which has had the effect of encouraging such wasteful overproduction of food in Europe whilst millions starve in other places, as would shame those with any conscience. It has also, through its tariffs which prevent nations within and nations without from freely trading their produce, greatly increased the cost of foodstuffs to our people, which has prevented the poorest amongst us from enjoying the bounteous and affordable produce of the world beyond Europe.

It has also permitted the pillaging of our seas by the boats of many nations, without regard to the reasonable concerns of our fishermen for the correct management of the resources and treasures of therein.

The European Union has deprived us of that most essential and reasonable right, which is control of our frontier and those who may cross it, a right enjoyed by other nations and considered an essential part of the exercise of sovereign power and national independence. When raising reasonable and rational concerns that this might weaken the natural generosity and welcoming nature of our people, we have encountered nothing but scorn, indifference and base innuendo.

The European Union has in a spirit of knowing vindictiveness, promulgated such rules as it knows would uniquely and adversely affect such affairs as are vital to our nation above any other members of this union, to wit, the affairs of the City of London.

The European Union has exempted its officials and functionaries from those local taxes otherwise considered the essential obligation of citizenship. It has also attempted by directive from its commission, to direct and regulate our taxation, despite lacking all elected authority.

The European Union has, in response to our plebiscite, abandoned all pretence at familial affection or respect, which must lead us to question its presence at all. At this very moment, as our negotiations to depart the union approach, it is appointing as negotiators individuals known to be hostile to this nation. Indeed, the presidents of council, commission and parliament have not been lacking in their willingness to travel Europe, encouraging seperatism within our ranks, and to threaten, besmirch and malign our decision and nation.

In spite of this, we have not been indifferent to the concerns of some of our fellow citizens, or of our friends in Europe, that friendship and good feeling between the nations of Europe is best served by pacts, alliances or ease of trade. At every point, we have sought reasonable and lawful redress to our grievances.

We have over many years attempted such reforms as would reconcile those who would express their natural right to freedom, and those who value a league of European nations to act in concert, and to co-operate when beneficial. We have attempted to form such coalitions with likeminded members of this union as seemed proper to the noble aim of reform.

Even at the point of departure, we have attempted to arrange an amicable settlement that would allow such citizens of the European Union as reside in our land, and such of ours who reside in the European Union, to likewise reside where they are. This is our firm desire, but alas has been rebuffed in a most cruel and heartless way by the Commission and Presidents of the Union.

Thus, at every attempt to reform, we have met stubborn refusal, studied indifference, derision and contempt. We must therefore conclude that this European Union will reform only when it alone wills it. In consideration of which, we have watched with dismay as the European Union and its authorities have enforced upon Greece, that cradle of western civilisation, such penury and hardship as the Union deemed fit to preserve the unity of its currency, indifferent to its impact upon the dignity and wellbeing of the people of of that nation.

Likewise, we have over the years watched with alarm the unwillingness of the European Union to take serious account of the decision of the electorates of France, Ireland and the Netherlands to reject treaties that would further deprive the nation state of authority.

It thus becomes clear that any attempts at reform sought by those members over whom the Union has assumed authority, are suppressed in a most resolute way.


The British people, with confidence in the rightness of their cause, with malice toward  none and a firm desire to see the peoples of Britain and Europe prosper, with a desire to embrace all the world as a free nation, do solemnly declare our total and absolute separation from the European Union, and do declare that the whole United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is, and of a right ought to be, a free and independent state, and that it and its people are endowed by nature and natures God with all the powers that do define sovereign nations and a sovereign people. And at this supreme hour, resolved to embrace all that may be the lot of a free and sovereign people, we commit our course to God and our posterity.

About Anthony Cunningham

Anthony has worked, lived and studied in the USA, Spain and around the UK. Politically disloyal, he has voted for all UK political parties except UKIP and the SNP. A former Liberal Democrat member, he voted Remain during the EU referendum, but has since become a firm believer in the necessity of Brexit. With an interest in Commonwealth and Anglosphere relations and a love for the city of Barcelona and the books of Terry Pratchett, he hopes never to be considered a political obsessive or an unthinking ideologue.

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  1. Ian Pye

    Absolutely magnificent Anthony. Lays waste to the tyranny of unelected bureaucracy imposed on not only the UK but also the whole of Europe.

  2. Isaac Anderson

    I definitely agree with Ian above – very well written Anthony. I enjoyed reading the article, and I’d like to thank you for so fully accepting the will of the people, even though you disagreed with the majority on this issue.

    I’ve only got one question: Where do I sign “JOHN HANCOCK”?