Monday , July 22 2024

Anthony Cunningham

Anthony has worked, lived and studied in the USA, Spain and around the UK. Politically disloyal, he has voted for all UK political parties except UKIP and the SNP. A former Liberal Democrat member, he voted Remain during the EU referendum, but has since become a firm believer in the necessity of Brexit. With an interest in Commonwealth and Anglosphere relations and a love for the city of Barcelona and the books of Terry Pratchett, he hopes never to be considered a political obsessive or an unthinking ideologue.

Happy #edballsday, Angus Robertson

Today is a special day. Ed Balls day. The BBC puts it best. “It all started on 28 April 2011 when Ed Balls was shadow chancellor. He was urged by his aide to look on Twitter for articles mentioning his name, but instead of doing a simple search he tweeted …

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Thoughts on Article 50

It would take a heart of stone not to have felt a twinge of emotion at least once today, be one a Remainer or a Brexiteer. There was much to feel emotional about. The sense of jubilation amongst many who have supported Brexit for a lifetime-for them, they must feel …

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A British Declaration of Independence

The British people, directing their representatives, in parliament assembled and endowed with such authority as the people permit them for the common good, to declare as follows. Whereas on the 23rd day of June in the year 2016, the British people did vote peacefully and by majority on the question …

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