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A British Declaration of Independence

The British people, directing their representatives, in parliament assembled and endowed with such authority as the people permit them for the common good, to declare as follows. Whereas on the 23rd day of June in the year 2016, the British people did vote peacefully and by majority on the question …

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Parliament must not thwart democracy

Imagine if Yes had won the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 by 52% to 48%. There would have been much celebrating and there would have been the expectation that soon Scotland would be independent. Imagine however if someone resident in Scotland, but born in England had been so horrified by …

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All men are not brothers

When the United States declared independence they stated that they found it self-evident that “all men are created equal”. Likewise during the European Union anthem it is sung that “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” [All men will become brothers]. I think most of us find these to be fine ideals. Few …

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