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BBC Bias and subversion by foreign powers: something must be done.

An analysis of nineteen recent BBC news stories shows that the BBC is routinely using omission of news to bias its reporting.  News omission and suppression to bias stories is an almost daily occurrence.  The BBC frequently “tucks away” key parts of news reports on its web site to avoid censure from Ofcom and cover up bias.

The BBC is also routinely selecting interviewees to amplify the political views of BBC staff (Glove Puppets). The most egregious example of this was the reporting on “Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report” where the content of the report was scarcely covered but Glove Puppets were brought on to condemn it.

The BBC has run a flurry of stories that use distantly historical events to condemn the current UK population, this is a form of racism akin to blaming all living Jews for the death of Jesus (historical presentism).

The BBC is routinely treating the EU favourably.  It entirely omits any mention of the content of the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement 1998 which says nothing about trade or borders and was a treaty to allow Northern Ireland to secede from the UK if there were a majority in favour of this. Instead it simply covers EU statements claiming that trade arrangements “violate the Good Friday Agreement” as if they were true. It has never covered the huge EU investment in Frontex nor the draconian “Return” legislation introduced by the EU to combat illegal migration. It has never covered racism in the EU even though most EU countries are almost as bad as the USA. The EU can do no harm according to BBC news.

The BBC is ardently supporting the Chinese campaign to accuse the West of historical genocide and of racism as a distraction from the current genocide in China. China has unleashed this campaign simultaneously across the world through Maoist movements such as BLM.  The BBC has deliberately not reported the trillions of dollars held by China in offshore accounts to purchase influence in Western media and industry. It has omitted to mention the requirement for hardware “back doors” that China imposes on all electronic devices made in China.  It scarcely reported the threats and actions against Australia by China.  The BBC analysis of the origins of COVID showed no awareness that there were two possible sources: animal vectors and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and that the statistical chance of an animal source occurring in Wuhan, the same place as a possible lab escape, is less than one in a hundred given that animals are sold all over China.  The BBC has omitted all of the copious evidence that the source of COVID was the WIV.

The BBC News Channel is providing news for the USA in priority to news for the UK.  It even often divides the presentation between the US office and the UK. This has led to the BBC failing to report upon obvious problems in the trial of Derek Chauvin and to covering US racism as if the UK were also, similarly racist.

These are very serious charges against a National Broadcaster that is under contract to supply in-depth, fair and impartial news.  What has gone wrong?

The BBC has terrible management.  The staff are mostly recruited from wealthy families and have studied humanities at university.  They have been taught academic, post-structuralist approaches to reporting that were designed by philosophers such as Derrida with the express intention of overthrowing any established order. The poor management has given the staff the freedom to impose their views and techniques on the nation.  This state of affairs is utterly unsuitable for a National Broadcaster.

The lack of management and failure to impose any national purpose on the BBC has resulted in it being subverted by foreign powers from the EU to China.  Chinese plans to seize the South China Sea are reported with less alarm than UK plans for EV charging points and spokespeople describing Northern Ireland as part of the EU Single Market are simply given publicity slots whereas UK spokespeople describing how the Withdrawal Agreement also places NI in the UK Single Market are attacked with venom.

Something must be done about the BBC.  The BBC is a National Broadcaster that was created to unite and inform the nation.  The Charter must be changed to make this abundantly clear.

An Examination of Nineteen Recent News Reports

EU Contractual Row with Astra Zeneca: The EU backed up its contractual row with Astra Zeneca by publicly condemning the company and accusing it of breaking its contracts, eventually crippling its use in many countries by mounting a huge publicity campaign about a minor set of adverse reactions to its vaccine. The BBC backed the EU by suppressing data on the side effects of other vaccines, such as sudden death, that mean the Pfizer vaccine is somewhere between 75% and 100% as “dangerous” as the AstraZeneca vaccine.  The total deaths that are suspected to be from adverse reactions are: for the Pfizer vaccine 15 deaths per million doses and for AstraZeneca 20 deaths per million doses.  The slightly higher apparent death rate due to the AstraZeneca vaccine only appeared after the publicity given by the BBC and so is probably an artefact of the “yellow card system” where doctors tend to avidly report on pharmaceuticals that are in the news.  The vaccines are probably equally as “risky” as each other – ie: not particularly risky at all.  The BBC scarcely covered the major victory by Astra Zeneca over the EU in the EU Court of First Instance, confirming Astra Zeneca’s contractual position.

Lack of Teaching of foreign literature in English Literature GCSE: The coverage of this story about lack of foreign titles in the English Literature curriculum omitted to mention that part of the objective of the National Curriculum is to teach national culture and that French, Spanish etc. courses are available to teach other cultures.

The Trial of Derek Chauvin: The BBC omitted the fact that George Floyd was chanting “I cant breathe” almost from the moment of his arrest.  “I cant breathe” has been a chant used by the Black Liberation Movement since 2014.  They omitted that Floyd had consumed a mix of drugs to avoid them being found by officers and that these drugs would have exacerbated Floyd’s heart condition. They suppressed coverage of the struggle between Floyd and the police before the last minutes where Floyd is shown still chanting “I cant breathe”. They omitted that an ambulance that had been called by the police half way through the arrest arrived late.  The BBC acted as if it was an arm of the US government hoping to stop unrest by bringing in a guilty verdict whatever the truth.

Vaccine supply to developing countries:  despite the massive financing of COVAX by the UK the BBC always covers this story as “why are we considering second vaccinations, vaccinations of the young etc. when developing countries are short of vaccine”.  The role of the UK in COVAX (founder member), the 1.5 bn doses of AstraZeneca vaccine promised and being delivered, the fact that most developing countries can afford the few dollars per person for vaccines and the very poor delivery and take up in developing countries is not discussed so that a false story of “greedy English” can be pursued.

Australian Aborigines: The report that all the problems of Australian Aborigines were due to racism ignored class, rural location and the cultural outlook of many Aborigines.

The Racism Report: the report itself was scarcely covered and its contents suppressed but opponents were given prominent air-time.

Haemophilia “Scandal”: the exceptionally short life expectancy of haemophilia sufferers without blood product therapy was omitted.

Chesham and Amersham By-Election: That population growth was central to the issues raised by the electorate was omitted.  That Labour was almost wiped out was omitted.

Northern Ireland: The demographic changes that are leading to Catholic rule in NI were suppressed.  The fact that the Good Friday Agreement does not mention trade is always omitted.  The text in the Withdrawal Agreement that guarantees respect for both the EU Single Market and the UK Single Market is omitted (Article 6:2 NI Protocol).

Taking the knee: The change of name of Black Lives Matter back to the Black Liberation Movement has been omitted.  The fact that the Black Liberation Movement is a Maoist movement is omitted.  The role of bowing in obeisance in Maoist politics was suppressed. The role of Maoist movements given the current confrontation with China is suppressed.

Racist Cricketers:  The wide publicity of childhood indiscretions by cricketers and declaring them to be racist is distasteful and postmarxist.

Coventry City of Culture: The role of White British people in the history and culture of Coventry was almost totally suppressed.

President Orban’s visit: Orban was treated as a reviled racist by the BBC for his views on migration despite the fact that the EU had implemented most of the demands of Eastern European countries on migration, had a draconian “Return Directive” and recruited 10,000 extra border guards.  EU migration policy was entirely omitted and is always omitted.

“Forced Adoption”:  The fact that after the end of encouraging adoption of children born to unmarried mothers the rate of such births in Australia increased by 500-700% is omitted (rising from 5 to 35% of births as a sudden step change after ending the policy). The consequent rise in childhood poverty and social distress is ignored.  The issue is far more complex than “good vs evil” – the postmodern narrative of the story.

Trade after the end of Brexit Transition: The BBC reported changes in trade due to COVID as largely the result of Brexit.  The Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments is ignored by BBC economics reporters so that they can choose the worst figures for imports or exports.

Break up of the UK:  The fact that the Good Friday Agreement 1998 allows Northern Ireland to secede from the UK once the demographics are favourable is always omitted.  That the 1998 Devolution Act is the obvious root of demands for Scottish Independence is omitted.

Historical Presentism: The use of stories from British history to condemn the current UK population is widespread in BBC reports.  This is racism, akin to blaming Jews for the death of Christ.  The wealth of nations is the product of the current and immediately previous generations, it can be lost in a generation (remember the 1970s or WWII?) and recovered in a generation (China’s economic miracle).

Free Speech: opinion polls show that the electorate is intensely aware that free speech is under threat (in the Hartlepool by-election 50% reported this).  The BBC is the main source of this threat, de-platforming any politicians who disagree with the views of BBC staff and omitting news that does not support the political views of BBC staff.

Overseas aid: the fact that the UK is the third largest donor of international aid in the world is always omitted.

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