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Australia is under attack from China – UK broadcasters are silent.

At the end of April the Australian government requested that there should be an international inquiry into the origins and handling of the Chinese COVID-19 outbreak.  China responded by threatening to boycott Australian goods. (See Guardian article).

China has now slapped import controls on Australian beef and is threatening to do the same with barley exports. See China ignores requests for talks – SBS News.

What is the reaction of UK broadcasters to this news of an attack on our ally?  To suppress it.  Something is very badly wrong with UK broadcast news.  Something is also wrong with the UK Government which should be publicly backing Australia.

China has stamped on any domestic coverage of COVID-19 origins and handling. 484 people have been charged for speaking out in China (See China Digital Times).  China is now using its vast wealth to stamp on organisations and countries that expose China, it has threatened the EU for exposing the role of China (See China launches a Cold War).

Newsweek has just exposed China for stockpiling medical supplies in January prior to the WHO announcing a threat of global pandemic on January 30th but the UK broadcasters say nothing.  The FBI has just released official confirmation that organisations performing COVID-19 research are under cyber attack from the PRC (China).  UK broadcasters say nothing.

UK broadcasters and government are failing to grapple with the role of China and support our allies.  It is ironic that as the VE Day Remembrance passes the government is leaving Australia, this country’s greatest ally, to be bullied by the NAZIs of the 21st century.

See Something is very wrong with UK Broadcasters for an examination of why British broadcast journalists are suppressing news.
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  1. Margaret Askham

    Every country in the world should dump China. Most of their products are copies, stolen from manufacturers, scientist, designers in other countries. They do not recognise intellectual property law or even patents. Therefore, whatever we buy from them can be found elsewhere.

  2. It’s so wrong, they have killed so many of us and they are taking so many libertys with so many countries. A country needs to stop it. Who’s got the BOLLOKS? .???.

  3. Michael J Barrow

    The U S can be counted on to watch Australia’s back against the Communist Chinese. China is a threat now to all Liberty believing Countries and peoples. And clearly they are trying to harm us.

    Australia can count on the USA to protect them if President Trump is elected for another 4 years