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The 1922 must stand with Boris

In recent days we have seen some tweets and comments from UK Journalists that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will soon face the 1922 committee of the Conservative Party.

While it is quite usual for any Conservative Prime Minister or Political Leader to routinely face the 1922 if there has been some undertones that some Back Benchers might not be happy with the Prime Minister’s policy directions as it relates to the lockdown.

The 1922 committee is one of the beautiful tools of the British Political system which often demonstrates the robust nature of the Conservative Party ensuring that all MPs have a say in the party’s direction.

Commonly called ‘the 22’, it exists to keep the Conservative Party leadership informed of the mood of backbench MPs. Backbenchers’ opinions are aired during the committee’s weekly meeting, where forthcoming parliamentary and party matters are discussed.

Conservative Party Leaders have often faced serious consequences if they opted to believe the 1922 is a “rubber stamp committee” as Ian Duncan Smith discovered in 2003 when he challenged backbenchers to either get in line or find the 25 names necessary to trigger a vote of confidence. Within days IDS was swept out as Leader.

However, whenever Boris faces the 1922 there is need for the committee, representative of the Conservative Backbenchers to stand fully behind the Prime Minister as he takes on the challenge of restoring the UK’s way of life in these unprecedented vulnerable times.

There have been many questions surrounding the Prime Minister’s decision to continue with the lockdown as opposed to a full re-opening. Members of Parliament such as Baker and Ian Duncan Smith have written articles in the Telegraph, mapping out why they think the lockdown must end. Some Conservative members have even discussed the idea of liberty being oppressed.

However, it is important that Conservative MPs and more so the UK public understand, their feelings may not be wrong but the Prime Minister is being guided by Professional Scientific advice.

We must not for one minute believe that Boris has given up the ideals of liberty, after all his campaign to deliver Brexit represented a fight to ensure all people of the UK could retain their liberty from becoming a vassal state. At this point, in circumstances which have no clear road map, the Prime Minister’s fight is to save lives.

While others may disagree with the direction, they must see the noble intent of the Prime Minister. Surely the 1922 and Backbenchers would see the Prime Minister’s fight, regardless of the different manner in which they would have preferred is to protect the British public, a duty which he was elected to undertake.

The 1922 must also stand with the Prime Minister for the innovative economic plan his Government through Chancellor Sunak enabled to ensure those affected were cushioned from this crisis.

Thanks to the Boris led Government, hundreds of businesses were protected, millions of employees paid and the stability of the economy maintained from falling into certain crisis.

While the decisions going forward may be tough as it relates to the economy, we must look at the ability of the Conservative Government to financially protect the UK public at a time when many were afraid for their future. As a matter of fact, the Tories have managed to stifle Labour as they have not been able to make any full campaigns or earn political points from the Headline “population suffering”

The fact remains that the global community was not expecting the COVID-19 pandemic to escalate into this full-blown crisis as it has. However, Boris Johnson has stood when the UK people needed him.

While not all will agree with his directions, reflecting the beauty of democracy, all must unite to protect the Johnson’s premiership.

Boris Johnson has done what no Conservative Leader has been able to do in over a decade, deliver a Tory Majority while shattering Labour’s red wall. Boris Johnson has done all in his power to deliver Brexit, fulfilling the will of the UK people. Before the onset of the COVID crisis, his government were undertaking some of the most innovative reforms in areas such as education and the economy.

The 1922 must stand with the Prime Minister who not only battled the virus himself but has shown strength to battle for the UK people.

About Nicholas Morris

Nicholas Morris is the Youth Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Nicholas Morris has served as the Nation's Commonwealth Youth Ambassador between the period 2011-2015 as well as the UN Youth Rep. between the period of 2013 -2015 having represented the nation in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, UK Nicholas Morris has been actively involved in the local Politics of Trinidad and Tobago as he served as the Chairman of the United National Congress Youth Arm during the party's tenure in Government (2010-2015) and now serves as the International Affairs Officer of the United National Congress. Nicholas Morris is currently the Parliamentary Adviser to the Opposition Chief Whip of Trinidad and Tobago . He became the Youngest Advsior to a Cabinet Minister when he was appointed as Adviser to the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 (2013-2014). In 2011 became one of the Youngest Directors of a State Company when he was appointed as Director of the Youth Training Employment Partnership Program Limited (YTEPP LTD)(2011-2017) Nicholas Morris is the grandson of a Welsh World War Veteran (Wilfred Morris) and has written many articles within the local media on the importance of British values, British Development , Impact of the UK on World Development and has been featured in the UK newspapers - Dailymail UK for his article "Thank you Britain" He has formed the movement TT Conservatives to spread the Conservative values within Trinidad and Tobago.

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