Wednesday , June 19 2024

A wonderful historic victory

Finally. After long last Brexit will happen. The Conservatives have achieved a seismic landslide under the inspired leadership of Boris Johnson. Now, we must look ahead to the upcoming period of stability and opportunity.

The time for naval gazing is over. With a large Conservative majority the United Kingdom can now turn and face the world. To engage with the Commonwealth again, to build the CANZUK free trade area and, yes, a free trade agreement with the United States. As for the EU, yes, a free trade agreement will ideally be agreed, but the EU has lost all power – the Conservative manifesto committed to no extension for the extension period and with that large majority the EU has no parliamentary allies with any power. Global Britain is truly coming.

Domestically, we are in a good position. The Remainers and socialists massively overplayed their hand and are now vanquished. The Remainers could have given the EU almost all of what they wanted by agreeing to May’s deal – but even May’s deal, which gave almost complete power over the UK to the EU in the backstop was not enough for them and their Euro-fanaticism. They helped patriots vote down her deal and now Brexit is assured. The Labour party, in their pursuit of pure Britain and Jew hating socialist nirvana, made themselves so unelectable that Boris was able to win in areas that were previously unthinkable for Tories – in Blair’s old seat of Sedgefield and Dennis Skinner’s Bolshover for example – smashing Labour’s “red wall.” The Labour party has now had its worst election result since 1935 – their road back will be a long one.

With this majority the Conservative party must now make the case for Conservatism. For lower taxes, free trade, support for the armed forces – and yes for a smaller state. Yes, some increased infrastructure, police and defence spending is long overdue – but the government must resist the siren calls to ignore the lessons of the importance of fiscal prudence of the Cameron years and must still be responsible with taxpayer money.

Today we must all celebrate. We got Brexit done. We smashed the anti-Semitic socialist Labour party and their red wall. The arch-europhiles like Swinson, Grieve, Soubry and Bercow are are gone. Now, the hard work begins. Congratulations Prime Minister Boris Johnson. and the Conservative Party. Here’s to 5 years of Global Britain!

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. At last!

    I am in Central America at the moment and discussed the UK election with some Americans. They were worried that Putin had convinced the British to turn to Nationalism. Pointing out that there had been a referendum and two elections that supported Brexit did not shake their faith in their “explanation”.

    They were deeply puzzled when I asked if they would be willing for the USA to be governed from Managua and if they would be happy for Panamanian and Mexican voters to have a say in the running of Silicon Valley.

    Even stranger, I met a group of Costa Ricans who thought Brexit was a great idea and that Costa Rica should follow suit and keep the Nicaraguans out.

    It is a strange world when self government could only be the desire of racists brainwashed by Russians. I would like to think that this view of the UK came from some evil external enemy but it probably originates in the broadcasts of BBC World News.