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10 commandments for a better society

Here are 10 very obvious and very straightforward “rules” that, were they observed, would make society a whole lot better for everyone.

  1. Everything that government does it does badly. So the less government the better. This has been proven to be true an infinite number of times. The government is not your friend.
  2. A person’s body is their own property. It is not the state’s business as long as no harm is caused to others.
  3. Freedom of speech is an absolute. There is no such thing as libel or hate speech, they are constructs. The only exception to free speech is criminal activity.
  4. Nationalism is good, so is the community in your street. People need a sense of belonging, identity and common purpose.
  5. Punishing success by the government extorting money from people which is then used to reward failure. Redistribution. This, obviously, harms everyone in society by reducing achievement.
  6. Equality of outcome is pure evil because it punishes ability and rewards its lack. However equality of opportunity is absolutely essential in a fair society.
  7. Taking offence is just a mechanism to close down someone you disagree with when you have no real facts to counter their argument.
  8. Envy is a poison in your soul, which is why socialists are such bitter people. If you want more stuff in your life go out and earn it, don’t expect the state to steal it from others for you.
  9. Always treat others better than you treat yourself. Generosity, kindness and happiness are interlinked.
  10. All people are different. This is obviously true as every society that has ever existed proves. So expecting equality is crass stupidity.


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  1. commandment 1 no1 thou shalt have only i godthe god of love that provides for his people live under his laws andkeep his people happy and and obey gods 10 commandments thats the only way to live amen