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The DUP – are caves really so bad?

So the Tories and the DUP have just signed the long-awaited confidence and supply deal. For those out of the loop, I’ve put a link here. There’s been a lot of anxiety surrounding the potential Conservative deal with the Democratic Unionists, and to be quite honest, I’ve had no sympathy …

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10 commandments for a better society

Here are 10 very obvious and very straightforward “rules” that, were they observed, would make society a whole lot better for everyone. Everything that government does it does badly. So the less government the better. This has been proven to be true an infinite number of times. The government is …

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Divided and Ruled – How we are losing our Natural Society

In modern Britain we have been taught to pull back in repulsion at the very mention of “inequality”, but what does it actually mean, and can it always be so bad? I would argue not, and in a Britain led by the current establishment, we would do well to consider …

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