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The Prime Minister is Right to Call a Snap Election- Let’s Give her the Mandate to Deliver a Full Brexit

Many Brexiteers are legitimately concerned that the Prime Minister’s surprise election could backfire. Elections are never certain things- as we witnessed in the United States with the election of Donald Trump, and to a lesser degree with the United Kingdom to leave the EU. Some worry that through a strange unholy alliance of Labour, Lib Dem, and SNP MPs an anti-Brexit rainbow coalition could shock the world and win. A left-wing coalition would almost certainly water down the Brexit outlined in Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech or attempt to withdraw Article 50 altogether (if it is legal to do so).

I agree there are always risks to calling an election, but frankly the Prime Minister had no other choice. Anti-Brexit MPs are a very large presence in the Commons and might still be the majority (though in the Article 50 vote all only one Conservative MP voted against the government). It is likely that anti-Brexit MPs would have disrupted or blocked the Great Repeal Bill and other needed Brexit legislation and caused mayhem for the next three years. Look at the disruption they caused over the minuscule and simple Article 50 bill- Remainiac MPs could have tabled amendment after amendment and brought the government to a halt over larger Brexit legislation- and maybe even defeated the government on key votes.

The Conservative majority is just too slim for the monumental task of conducting Brexit but also passing normal government legislation. This is the opportune time to increase that majority and be returned with a dominant, stable five year government. Many recent polls have the Tories up 20 points– leads like these are historically large and traditionally very rare. A landslide here, as is expected, would secure a strong Conservative and Brexit backing majority until 2022. If an average of recent polls or a YouGov snap poll from The Times from today holds on election day, the Conservatives are on course to win 381 or 382 seats to Labour’s 179.

We must all work very hard over the next seven weeks to make sure that a Conservative landslide is achieved. This is important not just because of Brexit- though Brexit is the most important issue. This is a chance to smash the dangerous far-left, economically illiterate, terrorist appeasing socialism of Jeremy Corbyn and his group Momentum’s grip on the Labour Party. This is a chance to weaken the SNP by reducing their MPs. This is a chance to allow the government an opportunity to deliver on a manifesto crafted by Theresa May- including on some of her more positive positions that were not in the 2015 Conservative manifesto like grammar schools. She needs a mandate for unquestioned legitimacy at home, in Brussels, and throughout the world.

This article is not to be interpreted as a blank cheque for Theresa May. We at the Daily Globe will of course review, analyse, and give opinions on her and the Conservatives’ policies and attack them when they are not in the national interest- such as when Hammond attempted  to raise National Insurance rates on small business owners. However, now is a historic opportunity to smash the triple scourge of the Remoaners, socialists and Scottish Nationalists. Carpe diem! Vote Conservative in General Election 2017.


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Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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