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Pink Pineapple Event Design

Our senses greatly influence how we perceive the world and how we remember our experiences. We are most affected and engaged when a variety of our senses are stimulated. Does it not make sense then, to have an Event Designer who not only understands this philosophy, but practices it?

History has adorned us with many fabulous women who have led by example for being gracious party hosts and event designers. Elsa Maxwell, Eleanor Lambert, Martha Washington, Lee Radziwell, and even Anna Wintour. These women have one thing in common. How to host an event that will provide a sensory impression.

Perhaps, the most important lesson these women have taught us though, is that a party is never about the host. Rather, a party is merely a reflection of her. In our world of glitz, glam, and instant socialite status, it is easy for a host of a party to vaunt. Sadly, that is not hospitality. A gracious host is selfless. She is concerned with the comfort of her guests, she wants to make everlasting memories. The gracious host works from her heart.

Hannah Costello: Photographer

Nicole Osibodu, Founder and CEO of the recently launched Pink Pineapple Event Design offers more than an ordinary event. She offers a work of art. If the more senses impacted means greater the art form, then Nicole belongs in an auction house. 

For Nicole and her team of top tier designers, an event is far beyond entertainment. It is about celebrating life and focusing on those tiny details that bring about élan vital.

Nicole works from her heart, and that is what makes Pink Pineapple Event Design unique.


“You won’t just see an amazing event unfold in front of you.” Explains Nicole, “You will hear, smell, taste, and touch it. Truly, it is a full sensory experience.

chef-carlos-gaytan-profile-pic.jpg (720×1080)

Taste buds may be the hip sense to satisfy, but taste  offers significant amount of emotion.

“Food can make or break your event.”  Adds Nicole.

Either hosting a small house gathering for 20, or an 800 person business event, intimacy will always guide the food. Pink Pineapple relies on the talents and artistic abilities of world renowned Chefs, including Top Chef Carlos Gaytan of the Michelin Starred Mexique Chicago 

“Nicole has the knowledge to do great things…” boasts Chef Gaytan, “People want to allow Nicole to create their memories.”

Nicole Osibodu is offering genuine hospitality. Her gifts and talents, along with her design teams are changing lives, while igniting senses.

That will never go out of style.


About Elisa Crye

Elisa began her career in Pastry at the Michelin starred Takashi in Chicago. Shortly after she earned a B.A.S. in Hospitality Mgmt specializing in Culinary Arts and Event Planning. In 2013 Elisa moved to New York City. While in New York, Elisa has lent her talents to several Michelin recognized restaurants while still making time to savor and imbibe.

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  1. Erica Perko

    Working with Nicole is an absolute dream. She is always positive and energetic and her passion is contagious. I have never met anyone so dedicated to making your dreams come true. It’s a relief to have the big stuff trusted to such capable hands. It makes me want to invent special events just to have her beautiful presence stamped all over it.