Monday , June 17 2024

Weekend Jobs Report.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! It was fantastic to hear all the comments on my blogs, I love all the insight I gain from you all’s perspective.

Anyway, just a quick weekend news update, in America we now have the lowest workforce participation rate in 35 years.  America’s unemployment rate is falling because people are leaving our workforce. The jobs situation is dire and depressing, but especially for people for people in their 20s like me.  As my good friend said on his Facebook status today: “Congrats to president Obama as participation in our workforce hits a 35 year low. More people gave up HOPE last month than in any time in recent past. If this is the direction FORWARD we’re screwed.” Even those jobs being created this year are mostly part time (in fact 77% of those jobs) as employers try to avoid being forced to pay for new government mandated “Obamacare” healthcare insurance. With the bureaucratic mess Obamacare is unravelling into, even the awful NHS looks preferable.

In the UK, there is now record employment. Though the recovery has been painful and hard, the UK recovered the right way through the tightening of the belt; the US just spent, taxed and borrowed more to expand the government into making it look like the GDP had a wee bit of growth. Both Cameron and Obama inherited a mess. The Conservatives unlike the Democrats  had a plan to fix the problem. I know he’s not perfect, but Britons be thankful you have David Cameron not Barrack Obama. Enjoy my meme propaganda below!

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