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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 8 and 9

This begins a series of Daily News Updates with Comment by Daily Globe Contributor Tom O’Brien News November 9 Comment on today’s news. Corbyn and the Armed Services Jeremy Corbyn is upset that the Chief of Military Staff has entered into ‘politics’ by saying that the Uk bombing Daesh in …

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The Good Professor Brings in Some Solid Truth

Explain to me where he is wrong please. He lists many points, I want to know where y’all think he mistaken specifically, not generally. By the way, he is a historian of the Conservative Party. Also, American economy in five years of left wing leadership is still in an economic …

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How do you Speaketh?

Britons have always had a flare for the foreign. It was Britons who established an empire that spanned a quarter of the globe. It was Britons who swam across the channel, explored the Pacific and Antarctica and climbed Everest. Great Britain gave the world: capitalism and free trade, abolished slavery …

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Blurred Lines

Here is a very interesting article from Vladimir Putin. It is interesting even if only that it was by the President of Russia himself & published in an American paper. His arguments, if they are true, are fairly compelling. However, I think he is not being forthright about Russia’s involvement …

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Weekend Jobs Report.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! It was fantastic to hear all the comments on my blogs, I love all the insight I gain from you all’s perspective. Anyway, just a quick weekend news update, in America we now have the lowest workforce participation rate in 35 years.  America’s …

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The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

One thing I love about Britain is the diversity of the opinion in the national newspapers. I may despise the Guardian but I always have the Telegraph. I was talking to my girlfriend’s father, a “alternative” newspaper owner (one that talks about restaurants and such, not really a newspaper or …

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