Thursday , June 20 2024

Gibraltar is British.

Recently, Spain has been making a lot of noise about Gibraltar. The Spanish saw the noise Christina Fernandez de Kirchner aka Plastic Surgery Zilla and thought “hey why not use her tactics of making noise about nothing and distract our people over our dreadful economy?” Spain’s actions, like Argentina’s over the Falklands, are absurd, irresponsible and unproductive.

Honestly, all the Spaniard clamour about Gibraltar is a feeble attempt to turn the Spanish people away from a horrible, dreadful economy at home. Gibraltar is British. The people who live there are British. They voted last decade over 99% to stay part of the United Kingdom. The rock of Gibraltar has been British for 300 years. Why on earth would the UK all of sudden hand over a strategic naval base full of British, English speaking citizens over to a debt strapped. weak nation where unemployment is over a quarter of its population? Great Britain wouldn’t, Great Britain won’t and hopefully Great Britain never will.

Boris Johnson wrote a wonderful article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday in a manner only somebody with his flare for the English language could. I am attaching the link, it spells out beautifully the reasons Gibraltar is British in a concise and readable manner. It also has a wonderful link to a video showing the royal navy moving into the strait that is worth watching. Spain needs to act like the supposed EU brethren they claim to be to the UK and work on strengthening their economy at home rather than playing reckless diplomatic games over a location that has been British for 300 years.

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