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Remainers: You Can Stop Pretending To Be Patriotic Now

A rare moment of honesty from an arch-Remainer New Statesman staff writer Jonn Elledge – whom I recently described as “worse than a garden variety xenophobe” for his heinous statements about elderly Brexit voters, much to his indignant outrage – recently engaged in a minor Twitter spat with Tim Montgomerie …

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Conservative Party Conference 2016: The Verdict

Overall, this year’s Conservative Party Conference was a success. It was so wonderful to see the Conservative Party finally be united in support of Brexit. Guido Fawkes said it right when he said Theresa May’s Brexit speech was the speech many of us have hoped for decades to hear a Prime …

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The EU Referendum is the perfect opportunity to use the Conservative Party for good

Earlier this week, the big-thinking but kvetching Times columnist and Conservative Home founder Tim Montgomerie announced he was leaving the Conservative Party. He gave his reasons for leaving the Tories being the party’s failure on deficit reduction, immigration, inequality and the Prime Minister’s EU charade. Given Tim’s long time disdain for …

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Thoughts on the Summer Budget- A Proper Property Owning Democracy with a bit too much tinkering

There was a lot to take in after the Chancellor delivered the first Conservative-only budget in 19 years. Overall I think it was good budget but it could have been better. Therefore, I will list the most positive and most negative take-a-ways from the budget. Positive: 1. Getting people off …

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The Union is Saved! Now, let’s constitutionally tinker correctly.

Absolutely wonderful result last night. The Scottish people rejected the false “pie in the sky” Socialist Utopian promises of the SNP and did it by a better than expected 10 point margin. Very good result indeed. Writing in the Daily Telegraph with his usual eloquence, Daniel Hannan, perfectly expresses how …

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