Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Raw Materials price hikes.

Raw materials prices are rising.  Why? Will this continue? Cotton and natural rubber prices have experienced a sharp rise: World Bank Blog Notice that China is the main consumer. Iron ore prices are high:   And China is the main importer:   Copper prices are up:     The failure …

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An Amazing Moment in History

Most people do not realize that they are witnessing a pivotal moment in history as it happens.  We may think that an event is “major” but have no inkling that it is world shattering. The pivotal events of this century occurred this year as Falcon flew astronauts to the International …

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Falcon Heavy Takes Flight, Rebooting Human Ambition

At a time when distracted Western governments and decaying institutions are incapable of providing visionary leadership, with society increasingly split along partisan lines, it took the vision of a private citizen to remind us what real ambition looks like “Ad astra per aspera”, reads one of several memorial plaques to the crew …

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