Monday , February 26 2024

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“To they who ask”: A Poem

They ask “What of this Donald Trump?”—but elections leave me in a grump. Thus, I submit to Queenly sway and ancient Albion’s Sovereignty. They ask “What of this old tradition? Surely such talk’s the new sedition?” At least, I say, I don’t believe In empty words by fiends contriv’d. They cry “Remember …

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Final say – House of Burkes

The Lords met again to debate the Article 50 bill. The day was dominated by two Liberal Democrat amendments. The scene was set for entertainment and drama. The ultimate decision would be if the people or parliament should have the final say. One amendment passed, one failed. Elsewhere, it was fun …

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A New Socialist Answer to Inequality: Government arranged marriages.

These days, the craze of the left, of both the US and UK, and presumably the world over, is income inequality. Never mind that inequality has grown faster under Obama here in the states, obviously the evil Conservatives with their love of mammon are taking all their money from the …

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