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The theology of Jacob Rees-Mogg

Britain has become an extremely intolerant country. We have reached the stage where in the name of liberalism and tolerance only certain views are allowed to be expressed. This is neither liberal nor tolerant. It should be completely uncontroversial that a Catholic or at least some Catholics follow the teaching …

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Everything is permitted except morality

We live in a relentlessly secular society. In some ways I am glad that we do. I would far prefer to live in a secular society than a theocratic one. I don’t want laws to be governed by any religion. I don’t want a government to say to me that …

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A New Socialist Answer to Inequality: Government arranged marriages.

These days, the craze of the left, of both the US and UK, and presumably the world over, is income inequality. Never mind that inequality has grown faster under Obama here in the states, obviously the evil Conservatives with their love of mammon are taking all their money from the …

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