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Hate covers a multitude of Sinns

I was a student during the troubles, and I came across a lot of people from Ireland. It always became clear after just a little bit of conversation where someone was from. Both communities from Northern Ireland frequently wanted to escape to Britain and this was often the case with …

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Was Jeremy Corbyn a traitor to the British People?

The Northern Ireland “troubles” began in the late 1960s and ended with the Good Friday “Belfast” Agreement of 1998. Primarily it consisted of a terrorist organisation, the IRA, attempting to overthrow democracy by the use of violence. It came to an end when the IRA were militarily defeated and forced …

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British citizenship confounds both Irish & Scottish nationalism

One of the main benefits of travel and meeting people from different places is to discover that ideas that are almost universally shared in one place are unknown in another. There is a tendency in the West to suppose that what we think everyone thinks. Left/Liberal values are held to …

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Belfast Child- Chapter 5- Surrounded by Madness

Back in Belfast life went on as normal as possible in the circumstance’s and although my early memories of mum occasionally drifted into my mind, gradually mum became a vague memory of my childhood world. Once, a boy at school asked me where my mother was and I remember being …

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Belfast Child- Chapter 3

Proud to be a Prod By 1972 ,when I was 6 years old I had all but forgotten or at least suppressed my early years with mum and her Catholic side of the family. I started to become very aware of the fact that I was Protestant and that the …

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