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Doublethink is the new Black

Lately I’ve taken to reading the London Gazette. There’s not a lot in it to like, really. It’s not what you’d call a riveting read. You get a sense of what it’s like from how it describes itself. ‘A modern, efficient way to disseminate and record official, regulatory and legal …

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The lonesome expulsion of Scott Nelson from the UK Labour Party

Poor Scott Nelson (aka MockneyRebel) was unceremoniously booted from the UK Labour Party via Twitter of all things. He was accused of repeat anti-semitism, which does hold a bit of water, but the whole charade was played out on Twitter, much to the amusement of his critics. I have collected …

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The Ever-Curious Bernard Jones

The ever-curious Bernard Jones was traipsing through the Middlefield Zoo, beginning to sweat a bit under the lazy sun while his tour guide, a petite thirty-something with sandy blond hair tied up under a plastic pithy helmet, grew impatient. “Correct me if I’m wrong,” he had said a moment ago, …

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The Man Who Loved Discount Furniture Too Much

I guess most would say show business runs in our family. For the better part of three decades, my Uncle Pat starred in those ever-popular “Super Discount Furniture Warehouse” commercials–the ones where the prices were so low, Pat’d lose his mind and start screaming and shooting his gun in the …

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Letters to ISIS from a confused UK Socialist

Having taken on board the pacifistic attitude displayed and advice given by Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the Trotsky Labour Party, I’ve been embarking on a peaceful route towards improving Western relations with ISIS. I may not agree with Jeremy regarding current UK Foreign Policy with regards to Syria and …

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