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Barrow Grooming Gang Allegations

A few days ago I made a thread on the grooming gang allegations in Barrow. It did quite well, and I spent hours following the story to make sure it remained somewhat up to date, but unfortunately, the first tweet on the thread is now gone. I didn’t delete the …

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It’s all over the news again and we may only now be realising the true scale of the problem, but the pattern has been clear for years. A group of men, some of them many decades older than their victims, and all of them from an identifiable significant minority have …

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It’s a case of reality over ideology when talking about UK grooming gangs

Over the past week, there has been another grooming gang scandal in Telford where it’s estimated over 1,000 underaged girls were groomed. The Telford child grooming scandal is very similar to the child grooming scandals that occurred in Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle. When reading about these kinds of child grooming scandals, …

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