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It’s a case of reality over ideology when talking about UK grooming gangs

Over the past week, there has been another grooming gang scandal in Telford where it’s estimated over 1,000 underaged girls were groomed. The Telford child grooming scandal is very similar to the child grooming scandals that occurred in Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle. When reading about these kinds of child grooming scandals, there is one thing that stands out to me, how young innocent girls were sacrificed to protect an ideological worldview.

Now, before I start, I want to emphasise that the majority of Muslims in the UK are decent, law-abiding, hardworking citizens who work hard and get on. In fact, some of the main voices criticising the authorities on this topic have been secular Muslim Majid Nawaz and Labour Muslim councillor Amina Lone. The alt-right who have unsurprisingly jumped on the Rotherham and Telford style scandals do not care about helping the young girls who have suffered abuse. Instead, the alt-right are using Rotherham and Telford to push a racist political agenda of a white ethnostate. Nevertheless, what cannot be denied is that the UK is facing a very specific problem that too many people are willing to brush under the carpet to protect their ideological sensitivity.

For example, the independent Casey report claimed the Rotherham council ignored the child abuse scandal because of misplaced political correctness. In addition, a group of British-Pakistani researchers found that 84% of grooming gang convictions since 2005 were Asian. I do want to emphasise that when including 1 on 1 attacks, the majority of paedophile cases in the UK involve white males. However, when it comes to the specific issue of grooming gangs, the government faces a serious challenge when only 5% of the population makes up over 80% of grooming gang cases since 2005.

What’s caused this? The first problem was the UK governments open border policy in the 2000’s, this resulted in a huge increase of unvetted migrants entering the UK. Uncontrolled immigration puts national security at risk, as a nation ends up accepting large numbers of people from parts of the world with backward social attitudes and high crime rates. The second problem is that the UK had no integration strategy when accepting newcomers, instead, some of the migrants have formed isolated ghettos that are not integrated into British society. Finally, the big problem was the authorities putting their ideology and political correctness above the safety of children. The fact the authorities were willing to sacrifice young girls safety for the altar of multiculturalism is perhaps the most disturbing part of these cases.

What can be done? Look, there is no doubt this is a very difficult situation, although, it’s not an impossible situation for the government to fix. In the short term, the government must arrest and trial anyone suspected of grooming young children regardless of ethnic background or religion. In the long term, the government must reform immigration to make sure we correctly control our borders and vet people coming in. I would also recommend for the government to set up an integration panel to make sure a multiethnic society can work in a common British society based on shared values.

Anyone who calls people racist or alt-right for highlighting these problems in some of Britain’s communities are part of the problem. Likewise, anyone who uses this scandal to promote an anti-Muslim bigoted agenda is also part of the problem. Being an optimist I am hopeful that with communities coming together and support across the political spectrum, Britain can solve the challenges presented in front of us. That does mean, however, putting reality ahead of ideology even if that makes us uncomfortable.

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