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It’s all over the news again and we may only now be realising the true scale of the problem, but the pattern has been clear for years. A group of men, some of them many decades older than their victims, and all of them from an identifiable significant minority have been demonstrating their powers and abusing their protected status to bring misery into the lives of many of the most vulnerable people in society. Their agenda and their methods are repeated up and down the country with impunity, as if they were laughing at us.

Using alternating threats and admonishments, occasionally tempered with declarations of sincere love and the bestowing of gifts to get their prey hooked, they have progressively groomed thousands and damaged the lives of thousands more. Many young people have grown up in their shadow and live chaotic lives into adulthood, unable to free themselves of their dependency on their despicable groomers.

This has been going on for many decades and has been facilitated by an establishment which did not want to know. Even now that the sheer enormity of the abuse is out in the open, the powers that be still refuse to admit their part in the whole scandalous affair. Turning a blind eye, refusing to act as so many people have implored them to do. We know they are not representative of the silent, peaceful, law-abiding majority but they continue to carry out their cultish atrocities in plain sight of the authorities, with impunity.

Within their own enclaves their evil is not only tolerated but, we must conclude, applauded as a blow against the British with whom they refuse to mix. Behind closed doors they debate and discuss ways to further infiltrate their ideology, replacing our culture with theirs. And they have kept their counsel until now, when we see them for what they are. But they may have come into the open too soon and now we know and we will never again trust our government and its agencies to keep us safe.

The world is watching what we do next and we need to demonstrate that we are no longer prepared to put up with it. The British will not be bullied but instead we must fight back. The first small blows have been struck, but we need to keep on going. If we can harden our resolve and stick to our principles and refuse to be made to feel ashamed by accusations of racism an end is in sight to this nightmare – we are leaving the EU and the whole Remainer class is just going to have to suck it up.

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