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Fire and rehire

What is fire and rehire? And why does it happen? What is the effect of banning fire and rehire? Bad policies can make a bad situation much worse – we have to be careful to not let good intentions cloud our judgement. Driven by Labour MPs (of course), Parliament is …

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Celebrating Britain’s Jobs Boom

Statistics can often come across as dull, but when it comes to discussing the British job market in recent years, it is unavoidable not to use them. 3.8 million jobs created since 2010. Unemployment fallen from 8% to 4% (lowest since 1975). A record 32.5 million people in work. 750,000 …

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Britain’s Post-Brexit Meritocracy

The 2017 general election showed that many young people are rejecting Conservativism and even capitalism itself. If we are to build a more socially mobile post-Brexit society we need to ensure that Margaret Thatcher’s popular capitalism can prevail once more. Employment and wage prospects can be significantly improved for the …

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The Conservatives Record On Jobs And Employment.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 we have seen a jobs miracle that has given economic security to hundreds of thousands of people. Under this Conservative government we have seen… The Highest employment rate ever and lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. 3,011,000 more people in work. Unemployment reduce …

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Thoughts on the Summer Budget- A Proper Property Owning Democracy with a bit too much tinkering

There was a lot to take in after the Chancellor delivered the first Conservative-only budget in 19 years. Overall I think it was good budget but it could have been better. Therefore, I will list the most positive and most negative take-a-ways from the budget. Positive: 1. Getting people off …

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Strong Nation Conservatism, Weak Nation Labour

Today, my case for why Labour makes the UK weaker was published in Conservative Home. You can read it by clicking on the previous hyperlink. However, I’d also like to remind people that while why side is truly awful, the other is doing a fantastic job. Here is a list …

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