Wednesday , February 28 2024

Will Brexit win the General Election?

This General Election was called because Parliament was hung over Brexit.  Remain’s task is to divert attention from Brexit and the task of those who favour independence is to ensure attention stays on Brexit.

Keeping attention on Brexit should be easy but the broadcast media are wholly Remain and are filling their quota of Tory spokespeople from the ranks of those Remainers who have been deselected or who are standing down such as David Gauke and Nicky Morgan.  The BBC is even interviewing people such as Lord Heseltine as “a Conservative Peer” instead of as “President of the European Movement”.  The Conservative Party should be complaining about the behaviour of the media but it still contains 50% Remain MPs until after the election.

If you use social media it is crucial to get out this simple message:

“This is the #Brexit election.

Ignore the fake promises.

Lose this election and you will lose your country.”

This election is the Second Referendum.  If we do not return a Conservative Government we will be shackled to the EU forever.

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