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Who is paying for Remain and Peoples Vote? The European Movement, Open Britain Ltd and Best for Britain

The European Movement – the Controllers 

The European Movement now controls Open Britain Ltd, Scientists for EU and Healthier In the EU, these groups share offices and are largely financed by “Best for Britain”.

“Open Britain Ltd” may be unknown to readers but it was previously called “The In Campaign Ltd” which campaigned as “Britain Stronger in Europe”, the official IN Referendum campaign.

According to an article in the pro-EU New Statesman this campaigning group run by the European Movement has deeply penetrated Westminster: “Every Wednesday morning they meet as a “grass-roots co-ordinating committee” to plot strategy with Labour’s Chuka Umunna, and the Conservatives’ Anna Soubry and other leading parliamentary opponents of Brexit.”

Open Britain Ltd (the Remain Campaign) spent a whopping £19m on the EU Referendum but timed the campaign so that less than half of this was spent during the official campaign period and has spent about £600,000 this year on The “Peoples” Vote Campaign.

Peter Mandelson, Will Straw, Trevor Phillips and Roland Rudd are amongst the Directors of the Remain Campaign.  Although it is natural to focus on the politicians and celebrities involved in the “Peoples” Vote, it is the grey suited representatives of the Corporate Elite who are more interesting.  As an example Roland Rudd, as well as being Amber Rudd’s brother, is the WPP controlled director on the committee and WPP is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.  Directors Daniel Gieve and Michael Rake are also big business appointees.  Rake has been a chair, adviser or president at organisations including easyJet, Worldpay, the CBI, the RNIB, Teneo and Business for New Europe. As President of the CBI Rake ran much of the the CBI’s anti-Brexit campaign and filled the CBI with pro-EU staff.

Best for Britain: The Financers of Remain and Peoples Vote

Best for Britain’s real name is UK-EU Open Policy Ltd.  It was set up by George Soros and backed by WPP’s chairman, Martin Sorrell. It raised a total of over £1m last year to fight Brexit from Soros and other members of the Corporate Elite. George Soros, alone has contributed £620,000.

We know that Richard Branson is financing anti-Brexit activity and JP Morgan, the giant US bank, has set its £2m a year International Chairman, Tony Blair on the job.

The real problem for those wishing to track the finance of the “Peoples” Vote is that individual billionaires can give their favoured causes and individuals the odd £30,000 without a second thought (Soros gave #FBPE, the Corporate pressure group, this amount). It is almost certainly true that £1m is a minimum figure for the finance that is being given to the anti-Britain movements.  Bilderbergers like WPP chairman Martin Sorrel can control the budgets of the commercial broadcast media because he runs the biggest advertising agency in the world.

The people involved in representing the interests of the Corporate Elite:

The directors of the European Movement are:


Richard Corbett MEP
Graham Bishop
Brendan Donnelly
Keith Best
Branches Forum Chair
Nick Hopkinson
Ordinary Members
Chris Powers
Veronica Stiastny
Frank Hindle
Richard Morris
Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon
Vice President
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP
Rt Hon Baroness Joyce Quin
President of Young European Movement
Juuso Järviniemi
Edward McMillan-Scott MEP
Mary Honeyball MEP
Lord Dykes of Harrow Weald
Dame Pauline Green
Baroness Greengross of Notting Hill
Lord Haskins of Skidby
Rt Hon Lord Heseltine
Lord Hollick of Notting Hill
Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell
Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws, QC, FashdRCS
Rt Hon Lord Kinnock of Bedwelty
Rt Hon Lord McNally
Baroness Neuberger
Lord Newby of Rothwell
Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes
Rt Hon Lord Radice of Chester-le-Street
Rt Hon Lord Richard of Ammanford
Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Lord Simon of Highbury
Ian Taylor, MBE
Lord Tomlinson of Walsall
Lord Tugendhat of Widdington
Sir Stephen Wall, GCMG
Lord Wallace of Saltaire
Lord Watson of Richmond
Rt Hon Baroness Williams of Crosby

The Current Directors of the Remain Campaign (Open Britain) are:

CARBERRY, Joseph Peter
GIEVE, Daniel Vereker
MANDELSON, Peter Benjamin, Lord
MCGRORY, James Alexander
RAKE, Michael Derek Vaughan, Sir
REED, Richard John
RUDD, Roland Dacre
SARPONG, June Konadu
STRAW, Will David John

This post was originally published by the author on his personal blog: http://pol-check.blogspot.com/2018/09/who-is-paying-for-remain-and-peoples.html

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  1. Who is funding you is it EU or source if so you corrupt Some of you went to Brussels to undermine the government and the people you’re my main during the war we are people who went to Hitler to undermine this country you are just the same

  2. syd vaughan

    an elitist bunch that have invested interests in britain remaining in europe this isnt about the peoples choice its about heir choice and the propoganda ito remain is all about money not people.

    • Tim Sharp

      I thought that Boris Johnson, William Rees Mogg and Farage were the elite.

      • The corporate media have expertly diverted attention from the “Corporate Elite” to the “Liberal Elite” or even the “Elite”. It is the Corporate Elite who are livid about Brexit.

        Examples: Soros, Branson, Blair and a host of corporates from Airbus to BMW. The German multinational corporates are particularly upset by Brexit because they trade at a large profit with the UK.

  3. Nicola Griffin

    That will be George Soros who runs a hedge fund which made a £50m profit trading sterling in the 24 hours immediately following the referendum.

    Channel 4 seem keen on looking into who is making money from Brexit, so they must be looking at Soros.