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Theresa May is the Manchurian Candidate, murdering conservatism with her weapon of deceit

Theresa May put the final nail into an already-beleagured Conservative Party coffin today.

After a 9-hour session of cabinet meetings, her solution to #Brexit was simply to reach out to the Marxist hate rabble in UK Labour, led by a man who prefers the company of terrorists than anyone who cares for the UK. Not a chance this Prime Minister can pretend to act either for party, or nation, now. She has been revealed as a one-trick pony, with only the best interests of her puppet masters in Brussels at heart.

Many will parrot the same delusion “Labour will be punished too”, but they know this is simply not true. The Conservative Party took full ownership of Brexit, and this faux Prime Minister said on no less than 100 occasions in the House of Commons that SHE would deliver Brexit on 29th March. She nailed her party to the cross and now they will pay the price for her deceit.

Many accepted that the date needed to change, to give her the time she needed to get the rest of her party on board. Many accepted that the Party and our nation were split over the issue, so gave her the time she needed. This all ended today. The pretence ended when she reached out to terrorist-supporters, to overcome the concerns of conservatives.

Conservative grassroots support has been ebbing away, since the Chequers confidence trick was revealed. Even then, many true conservatives hung on, in the vain hope that the Conservative hierarchy would see sense and steer this Party back on track. There can be nothing left for them to hang onto now, nothing except an abomination left in the place where a great Party once sat.

Consider Labour though, on an election footing since the Chequers fiasco was announced, building their core support and pounding the streets with their Momentum message of hate, wrapped up in a fake care package for our nation.

Everyone with even a modicum of common sense knows Local Elections are won with groundwork, and Momentum have that nailed, with Conservatives only able to put a portion of their previous numbers onto the streets. Those small numbers will pound the streets, but they will do so without any degreee of motivation that we’d have seen in past campaigns.

No way Conservatives take anything other than a pasting in May local elections (held on May 2nd), and no way local councils end up under anything but the control of marxists. The true face of UK conservatism has been sold out, by a Westminster party who can only be acting for themselves. The grafters in Councils, in local Associations, have been tossed to the dogs of anger. Those dogs will bite hard, as they vent their frustration at the deceit they have been subjected to.

We have seen how marxist control of a council ends, with the Derek Hatton fiasco in Liverpool, during the 1980’s. It leads to chaos and bankruptcy. Multiply this up across the country and one can quickly see a dark future for local politics, bankruptcy and chaos widespread.

No way it can be prevented now, such is the anger at Theresa May and her shabby non-conservative Party. How can any remaining Conservatives pound the streets, spreading the message that marxism is dangerous, when the leader of their party has crossed the house to seek the support OF those marxists, because she doesn’t like the direction her own conservatives wish to go?

The ERG, a true conservative portion of her Party, are now painted as extremists by UK media and by the EU lemmings Theresa May has surrounded herself with. They couldn’t even offer her help now, even she wanted it. She handed Labour an easy path to electoral success, and for what? So she could water down the Brexit SHE promised to deliver.

Every MP she has conned into believing her will be punished, next time voters get a say, and a General Election cannot be far away, such is the weakness in her already-fragile parliamentary majority.

Her Withdrawal Agreement simply is not Brexit. It never was, it never will be, and nobody honest can suggest otherwise. Her own legal advice tells us it is a con, and even the diehard Remainers in Westminster cannot bring themselves to vote for it, such is the level of control it hands to the corruption of Brussels.

Theresa May has decided that, instead of delivering UK from the control of Brussels, she will simply place UK under their control, with no say in future direction at all. We become simple rule-takers, and we continue to hand our money to Brussels corruption, as it heads towards a doomed Superstate.

There can no longer be any pretence about this faux Prime Minister. She is simply the Manchurian Candidate we all feared, held back from any real campaigning in the 2016 EU Referendum, annointed leader in a sham leadership contest, then unleashed on an unwitting electorate in a torrent of lies and deceit.

That deceit has finally been revealed, but it’s now too late for the Conservative Party. A great history of all that is good about our nation, now resigned to a figure of hate. A party now despised by even the grassroots of true conservatism, who are now left politically homeless, whilst a Momentum-led Marxist rabble are handed the keys to our nation, to ensure we never again raise the spectre of a free UK.

What price this betrayal of nation? What price the end of UK democracy? I hope the price was sufficient to drown the noise of deceit that will undoubtedly dog this faux Prime Minister, as she lays her head down at night to sleep.

Welcome to Marxism. Welcome to Hell. My heart bleeds for our once great nation and for a party I loved as a child of Thatcher, the last true voice of conservatism.

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  1. Linda Brumpton

    Please read this its important

  2. All very true picture, be interesting what happens next

  3. May and Corbyn are EU Nationalists. They put the interests of the EU before those of the British people.

    The genius of the European Movement was to set up the Bilderberg Group who have helped scores of MPs with finance and leadership.

  4. David Lane

    Unfortunately all true, Britain needed a Churchill or a Thatcher, but Westminster gave them a Chamberlain. No sorry that is wrong and unfair to Chamberlain, he was guilty of been naïve and wanting peace, the piece of treasonous filth who now occupies number 10, is a liar, devious, treasonous and above all, morally bankrupt and stupid.