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The UK must get off of our knees

It has been some time since I blogged.  I have been somewhat distracted by Twitter and this has provided an outlet enabling responses to fast-moving events.  But…

Twitter can’t be used to convey my current thoughts on the EU “negotiations” and the state of play in UK politics.

Firstly, the EU “negotiations”.  I use inverted commas because it is difficult to truly call them negotiations.  What we see, in an admittedly, and almost universally, biased media, is Theresa May’s government offering concession after concession and getting nothing back in return.

Most of us have been involved in low-level negotiations throughout our life – trying to avoid a parking ticket, getting excused for delivering homework late, asking for a pay rise or a price reduction.  We know that throughout these low-scale negotiations – the very essence was give and take. A kindly Traffic Warden could maybe just let a harassed mother, with screaming kids in the car, off of a ticket, with a ‘please don’t do it again’.  A store worker might allow a discount for a display model etc.

We also know that trying to negotiate with a ‘jobsworth’ traffic warden is futile. They simply won’t be moved by any consideration of human understanding.

Right now, the EU is that ‘jobsworth’ Traffic Warden.  They are not negotiating with the UK.  The EU want to punish the UK ,and its people, for having the temerity to vote to leave the organisation and, just as importantly, for failing to have another referendum to get the ‘right’ result as has always happened in other EU countries.  The UK has offered concession after concession and is now in the very dangerous position where the very union that unites the UK, seems to be being offered-up to placate the unplacatable EU.

The pro-Brexit lobby are gung-ho about the EU needing easy access to UK markets more than the UK needing reciprocal rights in the other direction.  Certainly, the very clear trade imbalance, in favour of EU countries, supports this.  Also, if World Trade Organisation tariffs were used, then the result would be a duty level more than sufficient to fully subsidise UK exports, should that be needed.  That is, WTO rules would be cash-positive for the UK and cash-negative for the EU.   In a real negotiation, this would be a very strong driver for compromise from the EU but that isn’t the case, here.  The impetus here comes not from what is palpably best for the peoples and economies of the EU but from the drive for ever-closer union.

So, the way forward.

Given that the EU don’t want to negotiate, recognise that and act accordingly.  Apart from anything else, this will restore some dignity to the UK’s standing in the world.  Instead of offering concession after to concession, to the EU, David Davis and the British negotiating team can get off of their knees, stand-up for the UK and then, simply walk-away.

We can stand by our offer to EU nationals living in the UK, that those currently here, can remain.  Though, they must be subject to UK laws and not, as a concession, to European Court of Justice laws.  That’s how things work in other sovereign countries.  Hopefully, EU countries will reciprocate for UK nationals living within their borders – if they don’t well, frankly, we cannot allow the needs and clearly expressed wishes of the people residing in the UK, to be ignored or damaged by a small minority of people who have chosen to leave the UK.  Two points – the Referendum majority margin exceeds the number of UK people that are living in other EU countries, and, these EU dwellers have made a choice to live in the EU but more importantly, the British people have made their choice.

We will continue to fund the EU until we leave on March 31, 2019.  Then we leave the ‘club’ and we stop paying our dues.  For those UK persons, eligible for an EU pension, then arrangements need to be made and the UK should pay those.  Though I would suggest that they be more in line with UK standards rather than the over-generous, gravy-train EU rates.

As for the border with Ireland, well obviously we will need some arrangement to be put in place.  This can be achieved without resorting to physical barriers.

Vehicle Number Plate recognition technology is very advanced – if I drive over the Dartford Crossing, near London, or speed on a motorway, then this is known to authorities.  This, plus the fact that much customs clearance is already being done, in advance, shows that a solution is out there.

The Common Travel Agreement has existed since 1923.  This could continue.

Of course, if the Republic of Ireland followed my advice, then none of this would be necessary. See here.

So, end the “negotiations”, get off of our knees and go forward into the free world as a sovereign nation and fulfil our destiny to remain the greatest country on earth!

Now my second gripe.

What’s wrong with the Conservatives?  If you’re a Labour supporter or so-called ‘Social Justice Warrior’ I am not talking to you.  Rather just Conservatives.

The Conservatives have a great message to shout about – so why aren’t they?

I know that some Remainer MPs are obsessed about Brexit but all Conservatives should be driving home the message of what Britain has achieved, under the Conservatives, since 2010.

  • Unemployment down by 76% to lowest levels for more than 40 years
  • Employment up to 75% and this at a time when immigration has also continued to increase.
  • Employment, at 75% of workforce amongst highest in leading economies and those in the EU
  • Deficit reduced by 2/3rds
  • Tax allowance for lowest paid increased by more than 77%
  • Millions lifted out of income tax, altogether.
  • National Living Wage introduced

Every time a Conservative MP appears on television or radio or speaks in the House of Commons or elsewhere, they should repeat one or all of these achievements.  Right now, Labour is being allowed to get away with its lies and in suggesting that the UK is an economic basket-case in need of a dose of Venezuela-style socialism.  This has to stop. Conservatives and fellow libertarians cannot allow the very dangerous McDonnell and Corbyn and the rest of their economic illiterates into power nor to control the message with their lies.

Conservatives, wake-up – our country is at risk and petty infighting and jockeying for position for a post-May leadership is not in the interests of the UK.

Put bluntly – do your job!

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Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.

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  1. Ian Pye

    Brilliant Tom. It is so evidently true all that you say that it makes me wonder why May and her Cabinet don’t get it.