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The Left Behind

“The popularists are breaking down the consensus that was leading to peace.  The rise of Nationalism is threatening the World Order.”  We have all heard these statements.  What do those who say these things believe?

The statements tell us what they believe.  They believe that the world was aspiring to peace through a process of removing Nation States.  Trump and Brexit, although two separate and very different events, are seen as threatening this belief.

It is peculiar that the belief in world government should still be around in 2020.  In 1990 it made sense because the “West” was triumphant.  Thirty years later, a whole generation later, the world has moved on.  China is the richest country in the world (PPP basis), Russia is a resurgent superpower, India, Israel and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.  There is no possibility of global government and the US and UK are being sidelined.  If we did get global government now it would be on the Chinese model of government and no-one in the West wants that.

The people who you hear saying that “popularism” and “nationalism” are threatening the World Order are the Left Behind.  They are still living in the last century when US hegemony was assumed and we could all feel good giving out food to “poor little people”.   Nowadays any states that do not have badly corrupt governments are reasonably wealthy.  Nowadays hunger clearly equals bad government.

It is the Extremist Internationalists who have been “Left Behind”.  When will the scales fall from their eyes?

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