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The Fight for Independence Must Start Again

When Parliament banned No Deal by one vote in March they overturned the Referendum.  All the EU need do is sit on their hands and one day the UK will return to membership of the EU.

The sudden EU elections in May will probably be a defeat for those who want independence because the intense broadcast media bombardment to overturn the Referendum will still be ringing in the ears of young voters.  This does not mean that we should not try to win seats in the EU Parliament, just that the enemy is at peak strength now.  After the EU elections the future role of the Brexit Party will be like that of the European Movement, it should gather members who act as a focus for the struggle for independence in their area.

The EU Nationalists are almost certain to win the battles of the next year or so.  They have the money and their broadcast media skilfully suppresses coverage of the case for Independence.

Although the present battle for independence is over British people can take stock and plan for the future:

The term “Remainer” must never be used by those who support independence. These “Remainers” are EU Nationalists intent on the termination of the UK, not fluffy, friendly people who just want to stay where they are. See EU Nationalism

The EU propaganda term “Brexit” must be dismantled. The fight is for independence, it is not about leaving a “club” it is a struggle for the very existence and independence of the UK.

Functionally the most important step is that, after the EU elections, as many Leave supporters as possible should join the Conservative Party to make sure that EU Nationalist MPs are ousted.  The second most important step is to campaign for Scottish and Northern Irish independence referendums to take place before the inevitable Second Referendum on EU Membership so that even if the Scots and Northern Irish have lost the desire for real independence the English and Welsh can be free.

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    the Tories must remove the silly old cow May put in Boris and keeping out Corbyn is vital