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The EU Elections: likely outcomes and consequences

Although the meteoric rise of the Brexit Party is making the news the most interesting feature of the European Elections is that the polls suggest that for the first time the right and far right may gain control of the EU Parliament.

In France the National Rally (aka National Front) is tied with Macron’s grey suits.  In Italy the League and 5 Star are way out in front of the other parties.  In Germany, although not in the majority, the AfD is increasing its vote by about 25%.

Most of these right and far right parties now support remaining in the EU.  They desire a right or far right EU.

It is ironic that the pro-EU movement in the UK sells itself as centre left when their most fervent desire is to increase the power of what is destined to be, at the least, a right wing EU.

This brings us to the rise of the Brexit Party which already has 35% of the vote in opinion polls.  The combined Brexit Party and UKIP in the UK are polling 38%.

What is fascinating about the UK polls is the predicted fall in support for the Tories and Labour. The 19% fall in support for Tories and Labour has largely gone to the the Brexit Party (about 10% of all voters) and Lib-Dems (about 6%), with the Greens picking up a couple of percent.  A week is a short time in politics, especially before an election. It is probable that the Brexit Party will pick up another 3 or 4 percent before the 23rd.

The Brexit Party is not Right or Far Right it is pro-independence.  We now have the spectacle of self confessed centre leftists supporting a right wing EU against the independence of their own country.  The Remainers seem to have no idea how far right European Parties can go, don’t they know that the National Rally is closest ideologically to the BNP in the UK?  Truly EU Nationalism is insane and dangerous.

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  1. Steve Short

    Give the European far right their correct title “Fascists”

    • There is little doubt in my mind that communitarianism – the ethos of the EU – will end in fascism. The UK must leave before this happens.