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The British public have acted heroically, we should trust their judgment when restrictions are eased

At first I was sceptical about how effective this lock down would be. I should say I remain highly sceptical about the effectiveness of this lockdown and its impact on slowing this virus. But that’s a discussion for another day. Today we should recognise the heroic effort of the British people during this hellish time.

Over the course of these last few weeks all of us have made huge sacrifices to slow down the spread of this virus. Families have been separated and partners who would usually spend every second together have been split in two. The kind of changes that we have been asked to make have not been asked for a generation.

People are social creatures by nature. We enjoy chatting with our neighbours and meeting friends at the pub. Throwing these precious social liberties to the side has been no small ask for the population.

The British people have responded to the pleas for social distancing with a heroic effort. They have voluntarily separated themselves form loved ones and family members. All with the thought in mind to safeguard those that they care about.

For almost 2 months almost everyone in the country has been separated from the people they care about. Yet the public haven’t complained for grumbled, They’ve got on with it. Working form home and zoom calling family members. I’ve even seen a Zoom prom being held in the United States. People across the world have stepped up and embraced this challenge.

Instead of complaining about the current situation, everyone I’ve spoken to has taken to these circumstances with great levels of optimism. Realising that their sacrifices are saving lives and keeping the pressure off the NHS.

Now we are past the peak and I find myself asking ‘What the hell comes next?’ Like most people I haven’t got a clue. But I’m confident that whatever happens next, the British people will be sensible. That same heroic sense of duty will continue as we get this country back on its feet.

That is why I believe we should share the plans to get this country moving again with the British people. The Government has asked so much form us as a country and we have worked our hardest to adhere to what we’ve been asked to do. Form day one millions of us have followed the guidelines and kept our distance form the people we care about the most. We all want to know when we we will get to hold those people again.

We already know that the Prime Minister will address the Nation on Sunday to discuss what measures are going to be relaxed if any.

When this eventual relaxing does come I believe that we can trust the British People to be sensible. Acting with the same maturity and cautious optimism that they have recently exercised. The public has been heroic during this difficult time and we should be honest with them.

After all this country is a free country at its heart. If the people are not on board with these future measures they will not be as effective. We have to work with the public on this and so far we have. We have to continue going through this together. The sooner its over, the sooner we all get our loved ones back.

About Joshua Chohan

Joshua Chohan is a regional executive in the Conservative party and stood in the local government elections in May. Joshua is also a member of the CANZUK international team as an associate.

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