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The BBC is biased against #Brexit

Are the BBC and Channel 4 biased about Brexit? Here are some examples of what they say:

“prices have risen due to the fall in the pound since Brexit”

The Pound fell 20 cents between 2014 and the referendum and 10 cents since the referendum.  The rise and fall around the referendum was short term speculation, the long term fall is a result of the UK-EU balance of payments crisis.

“Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit”

Hard Brexit is a Remain propaganda term.  The real terminology is WTO Brexit or stay in the Common Market – See WTO Option.

“Britain might stay in the Single Market”

The term “Single Market” is EU terminology for “Common Market”.  The Referendum was to reverse the 1972 European Community Act through which the UK joined the Common Market. As it said in the principle government pamphlet of the 1975 referendum, the UK was joining the Common Market:

“The Labour Party manifesto in the election made it clear that Labour rejected the terms under which Britain’s entry in to the Common Market had been negotiated, and promised that, if returned to power, they would set out to get better terms.”

That the BBC and Channel 4 never explain that “Single Market” is the EU term for the “Common Market” is simply bias.

“Balance of payments crisis with EU? What crisis? Oh that.., its nothing”


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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Hello John,

    Sound economics as usual; all your articles are worth reading – even when we all know the BBC are biased!