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Stopping the Remain MPs

In 1997 John Major prorogued Parliament on 21st March, formally dissolved Parliament on the 8th April and held a General Election on 1st May.  A similar schedule is likely to be followed by Boris Johnson if the EU fails to come up with a deal that is acceptable to Parliament.  Prorogue on 31st October, formally dissolve Parliament on 18th November and hold an election on 13th December.

The earliest date for an election after October 31st is 25 days after dissolution of Parliament, ie: 25th November, if proroguing is not possible.

This schedule cannot be easily stopped by Parliament.  Even if the prorogue were resisted Johnson still has 25 days after the UK has declared that it has left the EU before an election.

The Conservative’s grip on power is weakening by the month and by-elections may see a general election within a year or two anyway.  It will be better for the Tories to deliver Brexit immediately, before any slippage of their Parliamentary majority rather than fail to deliver brexit and just slide out of power and existence.

It is interesting that Ursula Von der Leyen, the new EU Commission President has said:

In my lifetime there will not be an entry of Great Britain into the European Union again.” Politico and Welt.

Once Brexit happens there will be no re-entry whatever Corbyn or Ed Davey or Jo Swinson desire.  We will be free.

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