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Public transport and how we solve the problem

Whenever we hear the words “public transport” one of three things come to mind. The first thing is generally delays, which being frank I despise. The second thing is generally the tube system in London, and the third thing that rushes to mind swiftly after is trains.

Public transport in this country is struggling and the government is struggling to defend it. But its not because the systems we have in place are bad. It’s because they have been superseded. For example, back in Victorian England the canals were a fantastic form of transport…but they were rightly superseded by rail. Steam trains for their time were space age but they were superseded by the faster diesel engine.

To this day the Transport for Wales services are still using diesel engines. Does this mean that over the last hundred years transport hasn’t evolved? Oh no, the out roiling of Virgins Hyperloop in Dubai connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just under twelve minutes, a trip that would take just under an hour and a half by car tells us quite the opposite.

So why have I rambled on about transport? The reason should be obvious. Good transport links are essential to generating and spreading out wealth. It can be what pushes up house prices and it can be the reason someone moves to an area or not.

Imagine a line of hyperloop connecting Edinburgh to London…rather than the trip taking 7 hours for Scottish workers to commute it could take them just over an hour.

Imagine the votes we could win if we made the trains run on time.

About Joshua Chohan

Joshua Chohan is a regional executive in the Conservative party and stood in the local government elections in May. Joshua is also a member of the CANZUK international team as an associate.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Yes – very good points Joshua. I enjoy reading national infrastructure ideas, and I wish we could get the two proposed UK Hyperloop links built. It’d be a massive change in transportation and a lot more effective than HS2.

    But I’m wary of using it as an election platform: Tories hardly want to be known as “The Party That Made the Trains Run On Time”…