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Poor old Dominic Cummings may be insane

The interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Dominic Cummings was like watching a man disintegrating in public.  Undoubtedly Cummings had numerous problems in the past that led to him being a remarkably arrogant man but what we have witnessed recently verges on mania and what we saw last night was the end.

The pro-EU publicity machine has a story that the Remain campaign was winning the EU Referendum until just before the vote when it was pipped at the post by the Leave campaign.  To achieve this victory the Leave campaign prostrated itself before the evil genius of Cummings and Johnson who introduced shocking devices that turned the nation’s head such as a slogan on the side of a bus.  The mass media all supported Remain so we still get this story fed to us.  The truth was far simpler: Remain almost won, converting an almost insurmountable Leave lead into a narrow of victory for independence.

Remain had a chance after 2015, hence the Referendum.

The steady pressure from the entire Corporate Establishment from 2010 onwards, the appointment of Rona Fairhead as head of the BBC and the usual branding of opponents as racist slowly eroded the Leave lead.  There was no sudden stroke of demoniacal genius by Cummings.

Dominic Cummings showed no self insight in his interview. He is a man who needs help.  Sadly for him his wealth and security mean that he will not seek the help he needs.

I would be very surprised to see Cummings in any important role in the future.

On reflection the Cummings incident reinforces my faith in democracy.  The Prime Minister’s partner, and later wife, was an outsider who saw Cumming’s disintegration and warned her husband.  This is how the system should work.  It should not, and must not, create an arrogant governing class that is beyond the test of everyday reality.

Johnson knew Cummings and would undoubtedly have been threatened by him when discussing his future, we should respect Boris Johnson for doing the right thing and dismissing Cummings whatever the political risks.

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