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Poor old Dominic Cummings may be insane

The interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Dominic Cummings was like watching a man disintegrating in public.  Undoubtedly Cummings had numerous problems in the past that led to him being a remarkably arrogant man but what we have witnessed recently verges on mania and what we saw last night was the …

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A brief stop to smell the roses

The goal of the Daily Globe is to bring our readers an analysation of the news that brings perspective to events. We do not claim to report the news because frankly we don’t (and couldn’t afford to) employ journalists. Rather, we try to assemble a collection of writers who think …

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Brexit was just the end of the beginning

The Brexit vote was about returning power to the British people. Remoaners can spin and cry and complain but polls confirm the British people understood what they were voting for: restoring sovereignty. It was a great victory for all of us who campaigned for Brexit and we here at the …

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A doomsday Brexit scenario would be terrible for Britain and the EU, which is why it won’t happen

My position on leaving the EU is clear, as is the way I believe we should go about it. The new relationship I propose we negotiate to facilitate our “soft landing” in a phased secession from political and judicial union with the EU is both realistic and pragmatic. Crucially, it …

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Brexit cannot be achieved on an anti-immigration platform

I believe it is a grave mistake to imagine that the referendum can be won on an anti-immigration ticket. It is for the most part only a minority of people that believe otherwise, yet they are an extremely vocal and aggressive group who are more politically active than many, giving …

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Europhile Myths Debunked

There are a number of central claims to the Remain campaign. They are easily dismantled with the right analysis and the proper arguments. “3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union– 1 in 10 British jobs.” It is dishonest to say jobs depend on …

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