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Let Sunshine Win the Day: #VoteLeave

Two weeks from today the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could be discovering herself a truly free and independent nation. Recent polling shows victory to be more than within grasp. How we will win though? What can we do to push Leave over the top? Very simple- crush Remain’s negativity with a sunny optimistic message.

During David Cameron’s studio audience Q & A session (I won’t call it a debate because it wasn’t one- the Prime Minister was too much of a coward to face off against the leader of a party with one MP) he called Brexiters “Little Englanders” and his Remainers “Great Britons.” Frankly, his claim is utter rubbish, (and not just because Wales may vote Leave too). What makes a country “Great” or “Little” is how influential, powerful, and innovative it is. The United Kingdom throughout its history has been, and continues to be, a great nation. But she can be greater still.

In order to win the referendum, those of us supporting Brexit must show that the United Kingdom can be even greater without the shackles of the European Union- that she can be a leader. I wrote back in October that the world needs a strong United Kingdom. The best way to lead the world, as Lord Palmerston knew, is from a position of independence.  The UK needs a voice that the world hears crystal clear and that isn’t drowned out by the European Union. Therefore, in order so that the British Lion’s roar is heard, I think it is important that we remind all British voters of the 3 key optimistic reasons to Vote Leave.

  1. Freed from the shackles of the EU the UK will make its own laws. Currently, over half of British laws come from Brussels. This is unacceptable and incompatible with being a sovereign nation (and no NAFTA and NATO are in no way remotely similar). Free from the EU, Britons will once again become engaged in making their own laws. This will usher in a golden era of British law making. A new Bill of Rights will be written. The British Supreme Court will set important legal precedents. Important and nation shaping bills will be passed and debated in Parliament; accountable only to the British people. Everything from penalties on crimes to regulations (or better yet lack of them) on vacuum cleaners will be in the hands of your locally elected Member of Parliament. This will truly be an exciting time to be alive!
  2. The UK has a great chance to be an economic powerhouse. Think about how competitive the United Kingdom will be if its businesses don’t have to comply with EU regulations and if businesses in Britain pay lower taxes than their EU competitors. Currently, Norway and Switzerland are more prosperous than the EU (they are one and two in the world), and they are puny countries compared to the UK. Imagine if the United Kingdom, free from EU rules, set a 10% corporate tax rate and had the least red tape of any industrialized economy? Imagine if the UK did not have to wait for the cumbersome EU to make trade deals with the likes of the US, China, and Japan? Innovators and businesses would thrive in the United Kingdom! The UK could become the next Singapore but with the advantage of the world’s fifth largest economy and the world’s biggest financial centre in London. Yes, many big corporations (banks especially) are afraid of the competition they will face with the lifting of EU regulations, but more competition will help the economy and raise all boats as it has since the dawn of the great enrichment.
  3. The UK will have a chance to shape its own immigration system. Upon Brexit, the United Kingdom could make an immigration system that specifically addresses British needs. Britain could choose to let in the workers it wants to and no longer be a wide open door for low skilled workers from southern and eastern Europe to undercut British workers’ wages without restrictions. The UK could make it easier for professionals from Canada, America, India, Australia and other English speaking countries to immigrate and enhance Britain’s already thriving culture- all while speaking the same language. Furthermore, these working professional immigrants could contribute into, rather than strain, the country’s public services. Nigerian entrepreneurs and Canadian teachers living in the UK paying into the NHS and teaching in the schools is a lot better than long waiting lines at hospitals and shortages of teachers at schools with the additional burden of having to find many translators.

Brexit ultimately means more liberty. British people, not unelected bureaucrats, will shape the nation’s future. The British people will decide where to spend that extra £350 million a week (and yes, that figure is accurate).  British people will get to decide what criminals stay home or go home. British people will decide who they engage with internationally. British people will be the ones in charge, not five presidents no one can name.

In David T. Breaker’s article on this site, he talked about Plato’s allegory of the cave and how the Remain campaign is trying to keep the British people inside that cave. Brexit is the opportunity to step out of the cave. Take a look, stop and see the sunshine and the green fields and mountains and oceans in the beautiful non-EU world. Is it going to be a completely easy transition moving from a being Little Europeans to a Great Britain once again? Probably not, it might be a little tough adjusting to the light at first. Good laws will have to be made and there will probably have to be some adjustment to the new order. But overtime, out of the cave and free, Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) can be greater still: a free, prosperous, self-governing nation. And in the end, who could be opposed to that? On June 23rd Vote Leave and free the British people to accomplish great things!

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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