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Labour Sexism Shame: Misogyny & Sexism are rife in the Labour Party, when Muslim votes are at stake

Labour sexism shame: The UK Labour Party prefers to be portrayed as the party of equality and champion of women’s rights, yet they poorly mask open sexism from within their rank and file.

The constant bashing of opponents over mere trivialities, whilst pointing out minor ‘potentially misogynistic’ comments regularly, hides an underlying hypocrisy which becomes apparent when they feel votes are at stake.

Labour has openly supported a cancerous and active sexism within ethnic voters, presenting themselves to speak at events which enforced segregation of women in order to suit the ‘cultural differences’ of Islamic misogynist males. They excuse such events with incredulous hilarity, suggesting the segregation was optional and not organised in some fashion to suit the dominant Muslim male population they were courting.

BBC Newsnight, often berated as left-biased and pro-Labour, reported on an open letter sent to Jeremy Corbyn by the Muslim Women’s Network UK which offered evidence of widespread sexism by the Labour party when selecting or promoting women candidates.

Rather than address this as a potential problem, the released Labour ‘statement’ merely denies the problem exists at all, much to the anger of the MWNUK spokeswoman.

The Newsnight report also touches on some previous instances of open support by Labour MPs for segregation of women at campaign events. These cases all centre upon a specific section of the Muslim community, suggesting a definite pandering by Labour to the Muslim vote.


Whilst the segregation of women is hypocritical enough, some other aspects of pandering to Muslim voters have a more sinister element to them: excusing sexual assault, rape and criminal behaviour.

A recent example of this was the trivialising, by Jess Phillips MP, of mass rape committed inCologne on New Year’s Eve.


Jess Phillips compared the mass atrocity committed against our EU partner Germany to a night out in Birmingham as if to excuse the behaviour as mere drunken revelry and almost a ‘normal’ happening in the UK.  Even West Midlands Police felt the need to distance themselves from such nonsense.



When we add to this mix (of blatant apologism and support for misogynist segregation) the open support of the current party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for extreme Islamic terrorist organisations like Hamas/Hezbollah, then we can gain a sense of an underlying theme of appeasement towards the more ‘extreme’ sections of the Islamic community in the UK – those following the very same ‘puritanical’ approach to Islam from which radicalised extremists tend to originate.

There will come a time when UK citizens will cast our minds back and remember the apologism and appeasement of the more ‘puritanical’ strains of Islam in the UK by the Labour Party, just to secure votes. One would have thought, having served the UK so badly in the past, we would have learnt that appeasement of an upcoming evil is no way to deal with it.

The confused face of UK Labour now gives the suggestion:

  • Labour are FOR mass immigration into the UK and Europe.
  • Labour are FOR promotion of Islam and support of systematic misogyny.
  • Labour are FOR criminalising anything anti-Islamic.
  • Labour are AGAINST any UK military incursions into Islamic nations, however tyrannical.
  • Labour are FOR the decimation of UK Defence and Armed Forces.
  • Labour are FOR removal of Trident, the UK’s largest military deterrent.

One has to question what sort of United Kingdom the Labour Party actually envisages for the future?

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