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It’s a no-brainer: children should sing the national anthem

This week, Ian Pye published a fantastic piece on the importance of remembering and learning the lessons of history after watching the recent film The Darkest Hour. Many people agree with him, as it has been reported that in theatres across the country people are giving standing ovations to Churchill’s speech. Churchill’s speeches inspire a certain well-deserved patriotic fervour from the British people- after all he led the nation when it stood alone against the monstrous Nazi tyranny in 1940. Well placed patriotism, pride in the good Britain has done for humanity while not excluding other races, should not only be tolerated but celebrated. My first article published on the Daily Globe spoke about not only the pride in Britain’s past accomplishments but the bright future Britain can still bring to the peoples across the world. Surely, something as basic as pride in country could unite all the islands’ people regardless of background or creed?

Unfortunately however, the far left has made it clear it detests Britain. One not need look far to find the left’s sneering at Britain: whether it is Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s support for the IRA or the Europhiles constant talking down the UK and actively rooting for the European Union to punish Britain in the Brexit negotiations. Further unfortunately, the idea of British exceptionalism has not been taught to many young people and many young British people feel no sense of pride in being British at all.

A perfect example of the alarming lack of patriotism among some young was on display in a debate over the national anthem on Good Morning Britain. Piers Morgan and Andrew Rosindell MP brought up excellent point after excellent point about why the national anthem being sung by school children is a good idea and all this bright, attractive young woman could do is sneer- she would constantly roll her eyes and called the national anthem “embarrassing.” You can watch the full clip below:

The millennial generation’s (of which I belong) overwhelming preference for Jeremy Corbyn and the European Union – and even some of them’s dislike of national anthem and embracing of communism – shows that the education system the past couple decades failed British young people. After the Brexit vote, I wrote that an essential part of “taking back control” was to re-teach British values in schools and bring back free speech on university campuses. An essential part of teaching the next generation to love Britain is having them sing the national anthem.

As Piers points out in the clip from GMB, singing the national anthem is not something unusual. It is done regularly by adults and schoolchildren alike in America, France, and other nations. And most people in Britain, unless they are Jeremy Corbyn, happily sing along to God Save the Queen too. An anthem is important not just for the words but for what it represents- a common people brought together with shared values, story, and institutions. Teaching children to be a part of this tradition makes sense if you want your children to feel British. As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, British people will not be able to be citizens of a EU superstate. Why not help show British people how great being a citizen of their own country is? It’s a no-brainer, children should sing the national anthem at school.

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