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How to destroy the UK and how to stop that happening

A nation exists where economic geography and history has led the people who occupy an area of land to create an independent economy, culture, legal system and politics.

If you wish to destroy a nation you cannot do so by simply invading it. The moment the troops are withdrawn it will come back again. To destroy a nation it is necessary to remove control of the national economy, change its legal system and most importantly destroy its culture. China has been at the forefront of schemes to destroy nations.

The ultimate solution adopted by China to destroy the Uighurs and Tibetans is to move millions of Han Chinese into Uighur and Tibetan territories, to destroy all statues and buildings that remind people of their origins, to rewrite their history so that China is the hero and Muslims/Buddhists are the villains and to disperse the local population across the whole of China. Any remaining clinging to nationhood can be dealt with by the summary execution of racist ringleaders who speak out against the Han or China. The final step is to establish concentration camps for the remnants of the previous population. The whole operation is covered by the thoroughly modern justification of rooting out racists and religious extremists.

How would you destroy the United Kingdom? Given that it is not easy to invade the UK your first step would be to divide it into competing parts with their own governments and racial identity whilst leaving the bulk of the people, the English, unrepresented. England is then at your mercy because it is gagged and the other “states” can treat it as a punchbag, the result is almost as good as an invasion. The next step is to establish a vast pool of people in the country, like China established the Han in the Uighur Empire or Tibet, who do not owe any communal allegiance to England. Next destroy all the statues and buildings that remind people of their origin. Rewrite history so that the English are always the villains. Anyone speaking out against the changes would be classified as a racist and extremist and vilified and silenced. They could even be forced to kneel in public in repentance and obeisance. Most people can be forced into conformity by public and group pressure.

The most extreme opponents would be tried by tribunal and locked away as terrorists. Ideally you would attach England to a large empire and try to encourage as many people as possible to move out of England whilst replacing them with people from the Empire.

That is how you would destroy the UK using the Chinese model.

The modern Chinese model is extremely effective because of continuous and deep surveillance. If a Uighur were to use their smartphone to access a book that offended the government they would be spotted by AIs and “shadow banned” (demoted, unable to get loans or employment) or arrested. If you wanted to implement the Chinese model to destroy the UK you would pass shadow banning legislation such that any dubious comments on social media etc. would prevent people from being employed, especially in the public sector.

But who would want to do such a thing and why?

Surprisingly there are people who would like to terminate the UK to such an extent that it would just become a region of a neighbouring state, like Tibet in China. If we are to save our country it is probably a good idea to ensure that these people do not occupy senior positions that allow them to operate the Chinese model of destroying a nation.

We can resist the attacks. Most importantly our education system should train our children in the abundant positive aspects of British history such as the Magna Carta, Protestantism (esp Lollardy), the Bill of Rights, science and the Enlightenment, suffrage, and the defeat of Hitler and global communism.

The education system should not focus on a list of apparent historical wrongs committed by England. The only conceivable purpose of such a course would be to undermine the nation. Apparent historical wrongs should be taught in context so that children can understand that hundreds of years ago the whole world was committing these wrongs.

Employment in the state sector of the Broadcast Media should involve screening to ensure that employees are not devoted to the destruction of their own country. The employment of such people would, of course, aid the destruction of the nation and cannot be justified by a state broadcaster.

Those who wish to terminate our country are in two groups, the Far Left and the Globalists. The Far Left Maoists and Trotskyists are just lost souls sucked into an evil political community. The Globalists however are different and more dangerous.

The centre of globalism is a large group of privileged people who float across the surface of the westernised world using the facilities provided by the settled people to their advantage. They will work in the USA but return to the UK for their free medical care. Many may have adopted dual nationality so that, for instance, being Irish they could get their children educated for free at Scottish universities and being British they could enjoy the employment opportunities of the City of London, or they could play off one country’s tax system against another.

There is yet another, larger set of Globalists who have been left behind by global events. They imagined that Anglo-American hegemony (The West) was a permanent fixture in global politics and have not understood that this has passed. They believed and still believe that the Western model of society will conquer the world. If it were not for their utter control of the media we would have learnt that China and Russia are Nazi (National Socialist) superpowers which now pose a threat that is greater than that of the Communists in the past. We would have been acutely aware that Pakistan, India and Israel are nuclear powers with no interest in giving up their independence. We would have understood that nations that were once “developing nations” like Thailand are now developed and want to stay independent. Brexit and Trump are symptoms of these changes, they are the result of democracies reacting to the changed World Order, they are not the cause of the changes.

The UK and USA can no longer police the world. They cannot contain China. They cannot intervene in South Asia. They withdrew most of the hundreds of thousands of troops from Germany in the 1990s and we can only hold our breath as the EU develops now it is released from control by the West. Never has the UN been so needed but it is falling under Chinese influence. The UK needs to re-assert its ties with its friends and take great care not to be dependent on its enemies or fair weather friends.

The globalists who are unaware of how the world has changed should learn that it only took Germany six years to go from basket case in 1933 to world threatening superpower in 1939.

The West took a wrong turn in the 1990s. Instead of seeing the fall of communism as an opportunity for guaranteeing the independence and security of nation states (see Note) it pressed ahead with a globalization agenda. This wrong turn has jeopardised the security of us all.

Note: The absolute, global guarantee of security for nations is the foundation for world peace. It is world peace. Globalization caused Islamic terrorism and Globalization is the foundation for world war as it attacks the fabric of nations.

Had all nations of the world formed a military alliance in 1989 with the sole objective of guaranteeing the independence and security of nations, as stated in the UN Charter, world history would have been very different.

In the early 1990s this guarantee might have been possible. The newly liberated states of the Russian Empire (USSR), including Russia, would have been extremely keen to sign up to a strong guarantee of security. India and Pakistan were relatively friendly and Pakistan still lacked nuclear weapons. China accepted that it did not have the power to invade Taiwan. I can see little chance of any such guarantee being accepted now.

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    As a Spaniard, nothing would make me happier to see England burnt down into ashes.
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