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Gerry Adams posts offensive and racist Tweets

Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Féin and long time member of the IRA Army Council, revealed a little of his more sinister side tonight with a couple of unguarded tweets.

The first, blatantly using racist language.  The second using a word which has long since been used as an offensive slur towards a section of the Northern Ireland community.

Gerry adams uses racist languageGerry Adams uses offensive language on twitter

Both tweets have since been deleted, but we will await to see if the normal rules apply and national newspapers push the ‘public outrage’ at such language.

Gerry Adams is a friend to Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies, the regressive left always viewing the IRA as ‘Freedom Fighters’, instead of the murderous criminals that they were.

Gerry Adams and his pal Jeremy Corbyn take coffee in Westminster, 2015.

Gerry Adams and his pal Jeremy Corbyn take coffee in Westminster, 2015.

We must not forget though, the past history of this man.  He was best summed up in ‘Dirty War’, by Martin Dillon.

Martin Dillon, Dirty War, p58

Martin Dillon, Dirty War, p58

This newly invigorated Labour Party has aligned itself with some very peculiar allies lately.

Washington Times: Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams quickly deletes N-word tweet.

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