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EU Nationalism

The history of the Common Market, EEC and EU has been one of steadily increasing union. Those who support the EU on the continent are openly working towards a single Nation.  They are EU Nationalists.  The EU Nationalists in the UK never admit that the EU project is about building a new Nation.  However, the EU Treaties and the EU Government are crystal clear that one Nation is the objective. 

The Five President’s Report, produced by the presidents of the European Commission, Council, Parliament, Eurogroup (Eurozone) and Central Bank, made it clear that political union was the goal of the EU.

The preambles to the EU Treaties also make it clear that one Nation is the goal, they say that the signatories are:

“RESOLVED to achieve the strengthening and the convergence of their economies and to establish an economic and monetary union..
RESOLVED to establish a citizenship common to nationals of their countries..
RESOLVED to implement a common foreign and security policy including the progressive framing of a common defence policy..
DETERMINED to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe,..
RESOLVED to ensure the economic and social progress of their States by common action to eliminate the barriers which divide Europe”

The Treaties begin with these clear statements of the intention to form a single nation, what the founding fathers of the union called “The United States of Europe”.

The process of transferring control to the EU has been relentless.  Since the Lisbon Treaty EU policy is passed by majority voting (QMV) in most areas and there are few vetoes available.  The Lisbon Treaty allowed the European Council to remove almost any of the vetoes that remain if there is a unanimous vote to do so.  There is now no need to have a further Treaty to implement the full union of the EU Nation State.  The fact that no further treaties are needed for full EU Union explains why the EU Nationalists in the UK Parliament voted to allow a referendum if the treaties were changed.

A country cannot have two governments responsible for the same areas of control, the real government is the organisation that delegates control to regional governments, councils etc. Having delegated that control it can take it back as desired.  Since Lisbon the EU controls large areas of the government of the UK.  The EU has delegated control over many areas to National Governments so that there is no abrupt transition to full EU government.  See EU Control for the details of which areas of government are controlled by the EU.

If you tell an EU Nationalist from Germany that the EU is about creating a “United States of Europe” they will agree.  If you suggest this to an EU Nationalist who lives in the UK they will divert the debate into asking what you understand to be the nature of sovereignty, independence, statehood etc.  This is a disingenuous technique to deflect the discussion from the obvious truth and to lure the unwary into yet another small step towards an EU Nation.  Anyone who desires the independence of the UK is a fool to be lured in to such nonsense.  A country cannot have two governments, the real government is the organisation that delegates control to regional governments etc. See EU Control.

If the EU Referendum is overturned the EU Nationalists will have won.  The UK government will assume that it has a mandate to finish the job of creating a full United States of Europe and will aid the Germans to achieve this before the UK subsides into a small region of the EU.

Once the UK is in the Eurozone and the EU has its own army there will be no escape.  The EU will swing to the far right and become a militant force in global politics exerting its control over North Africa and confronting Russia.  This was always the objective of a United Europe in the minds of its founders (See for instance The Pan European Manifesto).  The ordinary British who supported the EU Nationalists should have studied what they were adoring.

EU Nationalists control the UK Parliament.  If they succeed in overturning the Referendum then that Parliament will become little more than a regional government within 20 years.  Voting for EU Nationalist MPs is pointless because their intention is to give up control, to relinquish the power to make a difference for their constituents and the people of the UK.

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