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Don’t lose faith in the Conservative Party or Boris

Many lefties and Labour supporters, even those within the Conservative Party who were angry at the Cummings situation, waited for the release of the YouGov polls, hoping to see a major change in the fortunes of the Tory Party as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However not only were the results strongly in the favour of both the Prime Minister as well as the Conservative Party, but they demonstrated that the faith of the UK people is strongly behind the Tories.

Many on the left may argue that the term “strong” cannot be used as the ratings have actually fallen. However, there is often a saying in politics that “a week is a long time in politics” and the last few weeks given the Cummings dilemma, COVID-19 crisis and the anguish pertaining to maintaining the lockdown have been nothing but rough for the Conservatives with opposing views even coming form their own benches.

In these “rough waters” one would have expected the Government, as most global Governments do at volatile political times, to poll lower than the Opposition. The contrary occurred as not only did Labour struggle to match up with the 365-seat strong Tory Government, but their recently elected Leader failed poorly like a team batting on the fifth day of a test match on a crumbling pitch.

The fact is, while Starmer’s supporters believe he is the “King of PMQs”, his antics lack the potent substance which is needed in national development while his policies lack the distinctive ability or dynamic composition to address the issues which matter the most to the UK public.

Boris Johnson on the other hand has shown in the past four months that he is not only dedicated to the people-centred development of The United Kingdom but nothing, not even the deadly COVID-19 would stop him from dealing with the issues head-on.

Some on both sides of the political fence may disagree with the way he has responded to some issues within the Pandemic, but credit must be given to the Prime Minister for his stable, courageous approach to leave the Hospital bed and come back to run the affairs of the nation.

The Prime Minister and his Chancellor must be given credit for the way in which they have fought of the economic burdens which could have been imposed on so many UK citizens during this lockdown period. Many in the Conservative Benches would be concerned as the government purse may be slightly stretched while speculations of tax increases emerge, but credit must be given to the Prime Minister for his actions of putting people before politics.

The polls reflected, that even after a week when the Conservatives endured their worse criticism yet in this new term of office, the party’s political capital was strong enough to fend off the power grab by Labour.

The Conservative Party has built up significant Political Capital because of the policies it has delivered in the past ten years such as reforming the education sector, fighting against rough sleeping, protecting the NHS, massive job creation and even recent announcements by Secretary of State for Housing Robert Jenrick on increasing Housing as well as providing homes for victims of Domestic Violence have all given hope to the UK population.

This Political Capital and goodwill towards the Tories have been fully cushioned by Johnson’s leadership. Some argue that they wanted the elegance of Hunt or finesse of Raab, but the fact is in Boris they got a man who delivers. Testament to Johnson’s track record of delivery is his career as London Mayor and his electoral victory which showed that the working class identified with his style.

In that unique style, people found comfort that he would deliver Brexit, they found comfort that he would protect their democratic decision and found hope that he would do his best to protect them in this Pandemic.

All Governments have “rough periods” but is important that the population, especially Conservative voters, stand firmly behind Boris and the Conservatives as they represent not only the key to pushing the UK forward but the Global Community.

About Nicholas Morris

Nicholas Morris is the Youth Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Nicholas Morris has served as the Nation's Commonwealth Youth Ambassador between the period 2011-2015 as well as the UN Youth Rep. between the period of 2013 -2015 having represented the nation in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, UK Nicholas Morris has been actively involved in the local Politics of Trinidad and Tobago as he served as the Chairman of the United National Congress Youth Arm during the party's tenure in Government (2010-2015) and now serves as the International Affairs Officer of the United National Congress. Nicholas Morris is currently the Parliamentary Adviser to the Opposition Chief Whip of Trinidad and Tobago . He became the Youngest Advsior to a Cabinet Minister when he was appointed as Adviser to the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 (2013-2014). In 2011 became one of the Youngest Directors of a State Company when he was appointed as Director of the Youth Training Employment Partnership Program Limited (YTEPP LTD)(2011-2017) Nicholas Morris is the grandson of a Welsh World War Veteran (Wilfred Morris) and has written many articles within the local media on the importance of British values, British Development , Impact of the UK on World Development and has been featured in the UK newspapers - Dailymail UK for his article "Thank you Britain" He has formed the movement TT Conservatives to spread the Conservative values within Trinidad and Tobago.

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  1. Nicholas,
    While I understand your points and generally agree, my trust has been sorely tested in recent days. The Tories have been sucking up to BLM and therefore. Antifa, in the UK.
    The Tories have naturally been considered the party of Law and Order but what we have had to endure in recent days is a breakdown in order and a failure to uphold the law. Common Purpose led police in London and elsewhere have abdicated the streets and Tory politicians have been noiticable by their absence. This didn’t stop the police being attacked – it just meant that they were improperly equipped to face rioters.

    I suspect that Boris Johnson remains ill and physically weak and so is unable to appropriately respond but my patience with the Tories is wearing very thin.

    Kow-towing is never a good look but that is how, those that have been visible, have behaved.

    Now we’ll see, on Saturday June 13, with the supporters of Tommy Robinson and Football Lads Alliance, coming to England’s cities to ‘defend’ monuments, what happens when law and order isn’t enforced and vigilantes fill the vacuum.

    Boris needs to speak to the nation but I don’t think he is strong enough.

  2. Stephanie Neal

    We need a much stronger more decisive police chief to cope with these riots. Police need helmets, armour and tazers. If that does not work the next thing would be the army. I expect the Government is soft pedalling so the rioters cannot say such things are racist. Something needs to be done though we cannot carry on like this.