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Democracy and Non-Criminal Hate Crime

“Non-criminal hate crime” is not a crime because it is non-criminal.  So why is anyone bothered?  Read on.

When Harriet Harman framed the “Equality Act 2010” she introduced a method of law enforcement that was widely used in the Communist Bloc.  The Communists countered opinions that upset the State by making employers blacklist the culprits.  The Equality Act has implemented this system in the UK. In the case of what are known as “non-crime hate incidents” the incident can be entered on an individual’s Disclosure and Barring Service record (the DBS record check superseded the Criminal Records Check – CRB – in 2012).  According to the Equality Act Gender and Race are Protected Characteristics so any employer will consider that they may end up breaking the law by hiring someone with a “non-crime hate incident” on their record.

The link between the Equality Act and the Hate Crime legislation is clear because hate crimes deal with the Protected Characteristics of disability, race, religion, transgender identity and sexual orientation.  It was intended from the outset that blacklisting for employment would be the means of imposing punishment.

This problem affects 120,000 incidents logged by the police between 2014 and 2019.

Any pressure group can easily respond to its opponents by getting their utterances listed as “non-crime hate incidents”.  All that is needed is to report opponents to the police as people who made the recipient of comments feel hated or offended.  It is obvious that “non-crime hate incidents” are an affront to democracy and must no longer be recorded by the police.

The Equality Act 2010 should be repealed – see Equality Act 2010 – Read it and be Afraid. There is no place in a democracy for legislation that turns employers into generalised law enforcement and punishment agencies.

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