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Humza’s hate crimes

The Scottish Parliament has passed Humza Yousaf’s hate crime bill by 82 votes to 32. It has been modified considerably since being introduced. Attempts have been made to assure us that free speech is protected. But the whole concept of hate crime is fundamentally flawed, and this is not changed …

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Democracy and Non-Criminal Hate Crime

“Non-criminal hate crime” is not a crime because it is non-criminal.  So why is anyone bothered?  Read on. When Harriet Harman framed the “Equality Act 2010” she introduced a method of law enforcement that was widely used in the Communist Bloc.  The Communists countered opinions that upset the State by …

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The Mock Morality

Our media, especially advertising media, is full of what is right and what is good.  Being right and good are the moral high ground from which product sales are made. But what is right and good? Why not just steal a loaf of bread if you are hungry?  This question …

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