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Banning No Deal is banning Brexit

If No Deal were banned then the EU could simply sit on its hands and wait for the UK to request to Remain in the EU.

Banning No Deal is banning Brexit.

Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper are attempting to introduce a Bill that would force the Government to extend Article 50 if there is the possibility of a No Deal Brexit.  Theresa May has just announced that she will offer MPs a vote on No Deal on 13th March if her Withdrawal Bill fails on the 12th March. 

If they reject No Deal they are banning Brexit because the EU will simply wait and see what happens.  The EU will entertain meetings and mock negotiations, providing a small sense of movement.  The EU know that having banned No Deal once then the MPs will simply continue to ban it because nothing will have changed from 13th March.

Eventually there will be a change of Government or a coup in the Tory Party that will result in a rigged Second Referendum.  EU citizens will be allowed to vote, 16 year olds will be included, Channel 4 and the BBC will be given firm instructions to suppress all the reasons for Brexit, exclude Brexit supporters from coverage (except those drunk in pubs) and batter the population with propaganda for months before the vote.  WPP and other large advertisers will tell ITV to do the same. There will be stories of racist violence perpetrated by Brexit supporters every 3 weeks.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc will be under instructions to suppress pro-Brexit members.  The European Movement’s Bilderberg Group will funnel millions into grass roots campaigns and the Second Referendum will attempt to whitewash the treachery of our Members of Parliament.

On the 13th March 2019 we will know for certain whether or not Brexit will happen.

The irony is that the figures given for the risk of “No Deal” are similar to those of Project Fear in the Referendum.  The electorate approved such a risk so smug MPs clapping each other on the back and congratulating each other on “saving” the UK from such a risk are simply supporting Remain and refusing to implement the Referendum.

If No Deal is banned we must never forget and never forgive them.  Democracy cannot work if Leave voters simply reward MPs with their vote for a betrayal of such a magnitude. If this happens:


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  1. George

    Well said Dr Sydenham. It is like Remain are about to deliver the knock out blow and Leavers are too dazed to notice it.