Friday , July 12 2024

Jack Dacombe

Jack is a freelance writer based in London. He writes about UK politics and social issues on the Daily Globe and at

An open letter to #BuzzFeed

Dear BuzzFeed, Forgive me for writing about you in the third person from hereon in (and please do read the whole thing before you let it you piss you off), Whilst I’m the antithesis of a ‘liberal’ I’d probably never claim to be a Trump supporter. However, one utterly fantastic …

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Labour is Being Poisoned by the Far Left’s Arrogance

It has ceased to be amusing. In the seemingly endless joke, for which the Labour Party performs the roles of both protagonist and antagonist, the humour has dissipated and the desire to ‘see the funny side’ grown stale. Where there were once mirth-filled jabs about Trots and Stalinists, and jocular …

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